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My name is emily or you can call me PRiiNCESS. I’m a Toronto-based fashion and beauty blogger. I started this blog in February 2010 and this is where I share about my passions and interests for both fashion and beauty. I do product reviews that are always my 100% honest opinion, outfit posts, shopping hauls, inspirational photos and other random things that interests me. This blog is a reflection of who I am and ultimately, it’s a medium of expression. ♫

I am a double major student: Fine Arts and Concurrent Education. In my own art practice, I focus on photography and abstract paintings as my media. My dream is to build a darkroom in the basement of my house because film > digital. I have an extensive camera collection, both films and digital cameras, that I take great pride in.

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All photos are originals by THISWASFOREVER unless stated otherwise. If you want to use these photos, please credit back to this blog or ask for my permission. Most photos and videos are taken with my Nikon D90. ♥

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