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Village Festivals You Should Experience At Least Once On the Greek Islands

Eat all the mezes that are rich in olive oil, listen to the music that makes you dance and then want to cry; these village festivals are not popular but are a must see. Most festivals in Greece revolve around the Greek Orthodox religion and holidays mainly follow the same as the Catholic calendar. However, Easter is sometimes at a different time due to it following the Julian calendar. Whenever the holidays fall you can be sure that whatever is being celebrated there will be an amazing party and delicious food. Sound interesting? Here are the top five festivals that are celebrated in Greece.
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Asian Delights: Some Of The Best Destinations In This Vibrant Part Of The World

Do you have a bucket list? A list of destinations in which you want to travel to at some point in your life? I think many people do, perhaps associating them with a time of retirement from work and living day by day, but a lot of people get to experience these places throughout their lives and love the idea of seeing some of the most amazing places on this planet. I often think that a bucket list can have a lot of common destinations on there. Of course, I understand why as some of these places people can only aspire to see, but I also think that we live in such a vast world and there are destinations people don’t even consider for one reason or another. There will be the likes of Australia in there, swimming in the Great Barrier Reef and seeing famous places like Sydney or Melbourne. Then you have the USA featuring highly on the list with road trips down Route 66, a Californian adventure, spinning the roulette table in Las Vegas and shopping in New York City. However, Asia, being the largest and most populous continent on the planet has some amazing destinations in which to visit and I thought now would be the ideal time share with you some of these Asian delights.
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