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Cultural Hotspots In The US You’ve Got To See

If you are planning a trip around the US, then you might want to make it into something of a culture and history tour. This is a great country for culture, and part of the joy is that there is just so much under the banner of one flag. But the problem here is that there might be a little too much for the passing traveler to see in one trip. If you want to see many of the best cultural highlights of the USA, you will need to know where to visit first, and what you might be able to leave for later. Let’s have a look at some of the top cultural hotspots the country has to offer, so you can plan your trip much more effectively.

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Village Festivals You Should Experience At Least Once On the Greek Islands

Eat all the mezes that are rich in olive oil, listen to the music that makes you dance and then want to cry; these village festivals are not popular but are a must see. Most festivals in Greece revolve around the Greek Orthodox religion and holidays mainly follow the same as the Catholic calendar. However, Easter is sometimes at a different time due to it following the Julian calendar. Whenever the holidays fall you can be sure that whatever is being celebrated there will be an amazing party and delicious food. Sound interesting? Here are the top five festivals that are celebrated in Greece.
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