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Stay Hydrated for Winter with These New Olay Gel Products

I love gel moisturisers, I love Olay and of course I love it when these two things come together. With the colder weather ahead, it’s important to keep your face hydrated. I’ve always been such a fan of gel moisturisers because their texture absorb so quickly into the skin. And when Olay makes gel moisturisers, they never fail. Not only will these allow makeup to adhere better to the skin but it’ll get rid of the tightness from extremely dry skin. Continue reading through if you want to hear my thoughts of these new Olay gel products.

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Halloween 2017 feat. Light in the Box

I love Halloween, almost as much as Christmas. Not only do you get a chance to be whoever you want, but you have an excuse to totally stuff your face with all the chocolates and candies that you can grab. Plus, gather a handful of friends and you’ll have yourself a fun evening! As much as I love celebrating Halloween, I’ve never been a huge fan of spending a fortune on a costume that, in reality, I’ll only wear once. Thus, am I ever glad to have stumbled upon Light in the Box. Continue reading to hear my thoughts of this Super Mario costume. Continue reading