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Stay Hydrated for Winter with These New Olay Gel Products

I love gel moisturisers, I love Olay and of course I love it when these two things come together. With the colder weather ahead, it’s important to keep your face hydrated. I’ve always been such a fan of gel moisturisers because their texture absorb so quickly into the skin. And when Olay makes gel moisturisers, they never fail. Not only will these allow makeup to adhere better to the skin but it’ll get rid of the tightness from extremely dry skin. Continue reading through if you want to hear my thoughts of these new Olay gel products.

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Skincare Whatever The Weather: Great Advice For The Upcoming Autumn

Sadly, summer is gone and winter is on the way. Let’s face it – the cold weather isn’t good for your skin. You might think there is a while before the winter weather sets in, but you’d be wrong. Just because autumn is here doesn’t mean the elements are any less harsh. In fact, transitioning from the summer sun to an autumnal chill is probably the most dangerous time for a person’s skin.

If you want to take care of the largest organ in your body, it’s essential to get prepared. The big chill is on the way and it’s going to have an impact. The key is to change your routine so that the effects aren’t as significant. Here are the tips which will help make that happen.
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