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Aviator Glasses from Glassesshop.com

We are finally saying goodbye to the geek chic glasses and welcoming an old-school frame: the aviators. There’s just something about golden metal frame glasses that’s just so timeless. Simple and straight to the point: gold metal eyeglasses are delicate and inspire elegance. Glassesshop.com was very kind to have sent me a pair for review recently. Keep reading to find out about my experience.
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Princess Pinky Gemini Day Grey Lenses from PinkyParadise.Com

Princess Pinky Gemini, with Day and Night series, it bring out the two sides of you! Day series that exhibit the more natural looking traits, and the Night series that bring out the wilder side- it’s you and the other you! Suitable for daily wear, it promotes the calmer side of you in the Gemini series. Bright and lucid, it blends on your eye smoothly and exude the subtle personality of yours. Wear it anytime, and anywhere.

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