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Here’s what All Girls with Perfect Nails are Doing

There isn’t a woman, girl, lady, queen or princess on the planet that doesn’t wish their nails looked that little bit more, well, perfect. It’s one of those first-world problems that constantly flutters about in our frontal lobe like a lost butterfly as we once again frown at our scuffed, damaged and seemingly uncared for nails.

The reason we care so much about this teeny-tiny part of our bodies is simple: perfect nails sing with power. It doesn’t matter whether you paint them bold colors or run with a more natural look, nice nails are the cherry on top of the cake.

Luckily for you, those days of choosing whether to be broke for a month or rock one sloppy hand are gone because we’ve spoken to some top professionals and gotten their top tips on how to keep your hands looking sleek and fleek. No need to thank us, girls.
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