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February 24, 2017

When many of us hear about mountains and winter we automatically think of needing to wrap up warm against the freezing cold. Skiing and snowboarding are fun of course but not everybody wants that much action. However there are more to mountain areas than snow sports. When it comes the French Alps there is a lot of history and culture to explore.

The Haute-Savoie (High Savoy) is the part of the French Savoy region with the highest mountains. It is also a very international area with borders to Switzerland and Italy. It is easy to ski, bike, drive or even fly over the borders to another country, depending on the weather and season.

You might know of Savoy as the famous hotel in London, and other places. But it was the hotel that was named after the region of the Royal House of Savoie that used to govern it. The area was not always French either as it was governed by Italian nobility as well. One could say the Savoy is a very noble part of France.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the important towns and areas in the French Alps that interesting because of their history and culture. If you think you might like to explore the region in the future, is a good place to start looking for special holidays.

February 22, 2017

Shoes and handbags, two things you can probably never have enough of. Problem is we don’t all have the space, or the budget, to keep one for every outfit we own. So you need to think smart.

We know the rules with shoes. A sky high heel, a thigh high boot, biker boots, tennis show and the reliable ballet pump. If you have these in your collection then you are pretty much ready for every occasion. Handbags though? Well they can be a little more tricky.