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To Wear or Not to Wear

When it comes to style and fashion, are there really any rules? When it comes to what’s in your wardrobe, does it matter what others think? The majority would say that there are rules, and even more would probably say yes, it does matter what others think when it comes to clothing choices. You, too, are more than likely inclined to follow the latest styles. You, too, probably try to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest trends as best you can. There’s nothing wrong with this — nothing at all. But where’s the fun in all that! Where’s the fun in looking like everybody else that is following the latest trends? If you’re looking to have more fun with the clothes you wear this Autumn, why not try mixing and matching your style over the coming months? If you’re looking to have more fun with your clothing, why not try subverting the norm? If you’re looking to have more fun with your fashion, then make sure to read on.

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Are You a Good Candidate for a Chin Implant?

Chin implants are one of plastic surgery’s best kept secrets. They can offer incredible benefits to men and women looking to create better balance to their faces, and yet, they never seem to get the attention that other procedures do. Rhinoplasty and chin implants are often performed together, for example, and most people only notice the nose! Perhaps that’s one of the best things about chin augmentation: everyone notices the difference, but no one can put their finger on what it is. If you’ve been thinking about adding contour to your face with a chin implant, read on to learn whether you may be a good candidate for this surgery or not.

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