Why You’re Gonna Want The Mother City To Adopt You

The capital and crown jewel of South Africa, the Mother City, the aptly-named Cape Town. It’s one of the most popular oversea city destinations, and its place amongst the other great cities is unquestionable, but there are still a lot of people who aren’t sold on the idea. We’re going to change that, taking a look at why everyone who visits yearns to rush back into the arms of mama.

A Table with a View
You can’t miss it. Every day in Cape Town is spent in the shadow of the imposing Table Mountain. It provides a constant backdrop that makes you feel like you’re next door to awe-inspiring natural beauty every day because, well, you are. A trip to Cape Town isn’t complete without a trek up Table Mountain. If the thought of the climb alone has your legs aching, don’t worry, there’s a cable car that can get you up there in no time. One of the best views in the world without any of the work, you can’t ask for much more.

Life’s a Coastal Breeze
It’s no secret why it’s called Cape Town and it deserves to be known for its beaches, without a doubt. You can easily get a self catering guest house right on the water’s edge, perfect for taking a dip or soaking up some rays. If you feel like being social, the beachside bar scene is friendly, if not a little crowded. Want to get away from people? A quick trip to Boulder Beach has you making a very different kind of friend. It is jam-packed with penguins!

Every day’s a Party
Friendly is a word to describe Cape Town. The city center and the suburbs are safe, beautiful, and host to some of the most vivid celebrations across the world. Rio might have a reputation for being the party central of the world with all its colorful parades, but March in Cape Town isn’t too far behind with the sheer line-up of festivals that cover the entire calendar year. The weather is (almost) always gorgeous, so there’s always something happening in the city just waiting for you to join in. It’s time to accept the invite.

The Best of Africa on Display
When you go to any country in Africa, you’re always going to be thinking about the fact you are in the most ecologically diverse and exciting continent in the world. Cape Town might be one of the best-developed cities on the continent, but you can’t forget you’re in Africa when you visit the lush gardens of Kirstenbosch, one of the single best botanical gardens worldwide. You’re not too far from game reserves like Aquila or Inverdoorn, where you can see cheetahs, elephants, lions, and all the animals the continent is famous for.

Views that cannot be denied, one of the most vibrant communities in some of the most vibrant locations, and the kind of wildlife that can only be experienced in Africa. Cape Town is absolutely a destination that should be on your bucket list.