Loving Yourself From The Inside Out

The whole world seems to be suffering with an emotional epidemic of low self-esteem, low self-worth and low-confidence. Admittedly, there are plenty of people out there that have genuinely high self-esteem but you must have run into an equal amount of people who mask their true insecurity with overconfidence to the point they can come across as arrogant.

Most of us live in a society, today, where there’s so much social pressure to keep up with the latest trends – whether that’s the latest iPhone, designer handbag, special outfit, or automobile that many of us will consider (or perhaps have already taken out) unsecured loans in order to mask this innate insecurity we all feel inside. The challenge is, we often look to external solutions to solve internal challenges and go around thinking if we just get a flatter stomach, an increase in salary, a promotion at work, or a particular purchase… then, we’ll feel better; but rather that looking at this from an outside-in perspective, we need to start looking at it from an inside-out perspective and find ways to love ourselves for all we are, and all we are not.

This article offers three tips on how to love yourself from the inside out.

Stop Trying to Fill the Void
We’re all guilty of distracting ourselves from time to time, but this level of distraction can become psychologically unhealthy such as when it turns into addictive tendencies. It’s very easy to chase after things, or people, in order to fill the void within – but the best way to fill that void is to simply accept it exists, honour the feelings you have around this, and look for nourishing ways to flesh out your own life rather than being dependent on a relationship or particularly aspect of your life (e.g. work or business) in order to prop you up emotionally.

Stop Doing that which Hurts You
Think of the metaphor of having back pain; there’s normally a trigger that causes this pain – there are things that aggravate this physical pain and there are also things that soothe this physical pain; which is similar to emotional pain. Just like how your daily activities cause your back pain, such as sitting at a desk all day without stretching or picking up heavy items without bending your knees – there are daily activities you engage in on an emotional level that cause you emotional pain. Avoid these activities and stop doing that which hurts you.

Get Ride of Negative People
We all have toxic people in our lives, it’s just a natural part of life, but there is scientific research that now proves energy rubs off – if you’re around negative people that have low self-esteem and don’t believe in themselves, how can you possibly expect them to believe in you. You’ve got to get around positive, nourishing and encouraging people that have the capacity to support you.

In summary, it’s time to start treating yourself better. You have every right to love your appearance, no matter what – beauty is in the eye of the beholder and when you look at yourself through appreciative eyes of value and love for yourself, the world will start to respond to you differently.

Start today, to focus more on the inside – ask yourself this simple question “what do I need” and allow the answer to come to you… often, it will be a particular feeling, and from that place you can look for fulfilling vehicles to achieve that feeling.