Asian Delights: Some Of The Best Destinations In This Vibrant Part Of The World

Do you have a bucket list? A list of destinations in which you want to travel to at some point in your life? I think many people do, perhaps associating them with a time of retirement from work and living day by day, but a lot of people get to experience these places throughout their lives and love the idea of seeing some of the most amazing places on this planet. I often think that a bucket list can have a lot of common destinations on there. Of course, I understand why as some of these places people can only aspire to see, but I also think that we live in such a vast world and there are destinations people don’t even consider for one reason or another. There will be the likes of Australia in there, swimming in the Great Barrier Reef and seeing famous places like Sydney or Melbourne. Then you have the USA featuring highly on the list with road trips down Route 66, a Californian adventure, spinning the roulette table in Las Vegas and shopping in New York City. However, Asia, being the largest and most populous continent on the planet has some amazing destinations in which to visit and I thought now would be the ideal time share with you some of these Asian delights.

Singapore is one of the most extraordinary places in Asia. It is an island city-state off Southern Malaysia and is multicultural vibrant place to be. It has a tropical climate which makes it hot and humid all year round, however the months of June and July tend to be the most hazy when it comes to the humidity and the heat. You may also need to consider your visa options, like anywhere in Asia, and this is when articles from Singapore Immigration Solutions could help you be guided in the right direction. There is plenty to see and do in Singapore. You could head to the Universal Studios, the botanical gardens and also the night safari where you get to nocturnal animals do there thing. It definitely should be a place that you add to your bucket list for sure.

Thailand is a South-East country that is most well-known for it’s tropical beaches and mesmerising island paradises, and it can also be a popular destination for weddings and honeymoons. Possibly one of the most well-known parts of Asia, Thailand has fast become a hotspot for backpackers and student travellers wanting to take in some of the most iconic events such as full moon parties, but to also enjoy some of the great value when it comes to how much you need to spend here. There are also some wonderful temples to visit in Thailand as well as the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. It might be a popular destination for the bucket list already, but if it hasn’t made yours yet then it needs to be added, pronto!

The Philippines
The Philippines is a South-East country in Asia in the Western Pacific ocean. It comprises of seven thousand small islands, which sounds immense. The capital, Manila, is most famous for its waterfront promenade, but there is also much to see and do in these small and quaint islands. Some of the places are also famous for beautiful beaches and resorts with a more touristic feel to them, but it isn’t hard to find some of the more traditional villages and towns, especially in the old walled part of Manila. Often, The Philippines is seen as a place that could be a little too far to travel to, but as combined trip with other destinations or as stopping off point before heading further afield to places like Australia or New Zealand, it could prove to be the ideal destination to enjoy, and certainly not one to forget.

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is an island nation south of India in the Indian Ocean, and has a real diverse landscape to witness. Ranging from rainforest and arid plains through to sandy glorious beaches and highlands, there simply is something for everyone here. It is most famous for its Buddhist history and ancient ruins that can be found here, including the 5th-century citadel Sigiriya. Many of the ruins found in Sri Lanka date back more than two thousand years ago. Which certainly makes them an eye-catching destination to visit and one for the bucket list. There are other things to do in Sri Lanka, you could take a tour and also see some of the most beautiful animals in their natural habitats.

China may already be on your bucket list, and I guarantee that might be for one reason only. Walking the Great Wall Of China. One of the seven wonders of the world and something that can actually be seen from space, which is mind blowing on its own. While, of course, that is something worthy of your bucket list there are other factors to the country China that you should definitely consider adding to your trip. Of course, one main factor being the food. But other places to see would be the capital of Beijing. This is the place where you could witness the Forbidden City palace. However another city to see would be Shanghai, which also has many historical tourist sites that are worth a visit. China is vast, and happens to be one of the most populated places on earth.

Japan is an island nation in the Pacific ocean with dense cities, imperial palaces, thousands and shrines and temples to see and some of the most beautiful mountainous regions you have ever seen. Tokyo is the capital and is well-known for its skyscraper building and shopping culture. Japan tends to be known for some of the most out there and modern technology pieces, with toilets that can talk to you and an AI culture that would certainly fascinate even the most scientific among you. Other places to visit would be Osaka, which is a modern port but there is also Osaka castle there to see. You could consider visiting Hakone, famous for its hot springs and more relaxed vibe, or finally another hotspot in Japan would be Kyoto which also has its fair share of temples and shrines to witness.

India. A huge country with so many options to consider it possibly requires its very own article. But, to highlight a few reasons why you should visit India I will start with the food. Indian food has vastly grown in popularity and if you happen to be a fan of the spicy delights yourself then actually eating authentic Indian food could take your taste buds to a whole new level. The landscape is vast, with Himalayan landscapes to ocean fronts and beautiful beaches, India simply has something to cover all types of holiday-goer. New Delhi is the capital, and one wouldn’t be surprised if you found this city completely overbearing. The roads are rushed, people fill the streets with animals and food stalls, but you cross that vision with tall architectural buildings and you have what this city is all about. It is diverse and exciting. One of the most famous sites in India is the Taj Mahal, and many famous people have had their pictures taken in front of it on that iconic bench. Other places to see would be Mumbai, Agra and Jaipur each with their own offerings of historical places. You may also find that going in land you will find some of the finest boutique establishments focusing on zen and different lifestyles such as yoga, and there are also plenty of opportunities and starting points to go trekking in the Himalayas if that is more your thing.

Indonesia is a Southeast Asian country that is made up of thousands of volcanic islands. It is also home to hundreds of different ethnic groups making Indonesia completely multicultural. There are some great places to visit though, and one of the most popular is Bali. Bali is an Indonesian island and is famed for its outstanding beaches and fantastic resorts, making this a real luxurious holiday hotspot. Again much like Thailand very popular for weddings and honeymoons. Indonesia could also see you getting up close and personal with animals such as elephants and komodo dragons, where many establishments take pride in keeping these animals in their natural habitat. On the island of Java, you will find Indonesia’s Vibrant and fast-paced capital, Jakarta, which is famous for its national museum. There is a real mix of cultures in Jakarta ranging from Chinese, Arab, Indian and European, making it a real diverse place to visit.

So there you have it, some of Asia’s delights when it comes to holiday destinations. Some may already be on that bucket list of yours, others you may know but never even thought of visiting. Perhaps this has offered some inspiration of some of the other places in the world you could see at some stage in your life. It is, after all, a very big world out there, and it just needs us to explore it and live life to the full.