5 Great Wedding Memorabilia that Will Impress Your Guests

When you invite your guests to your wedding, you simply want to share the joy in your life and celebrate love. However, to show your appreciation, you might even give them a small gift that will make them smile and remember your big day for a long time. It is usually the bride and groom that gets the presents on the wedding day, but to return the favor, you might even want to get them a little something to show your appreciation. See some ideas below.

Maid of Honour Candles and Gift Bags
To show your gratitude to your maid of honour, you can get them a special gift, such as hand made candle, or a set of bath bombs. You will surely get loads of help from your maid of honour, and they will make your special day even better by taking care of small details that you don’t have time for. Make them feel special for getting you through the day and the night.

Special Coins
If you want your guests to remember your wedding day, you can order some special coins ordered for everyone. Some companies offer personalized service and gift wrapping, so you can present the gift nicely. Put the coin on their placemat and add a personalized note to each bag, so your gifts seem like a real expression of appreciation.

One of the cheapest and simplest personalized presents is giving small plants for your guests to take home. You can choose anything from tiny cactuses to fully developed bonsai decoration. Make sure that you only gift live plants, and not plastic ones, and pay attention to the pot and the wrapping. You might even give your guests small seedlings of plants, according to their personality, to make gifting more fun. Give chillies to curry lovers, and flowers for those who love beautiful things.

Photo Frames
A great memorable gift idea can be giving your friends a photo of all the guests at your wedding in a special frame. You might only want to include your family members in this, unless you have a small wedding and only invite close friends and relatives. You can talk to your wedding professional about arranging a photoshoot and sending the gifts out to your wedding guests through the post. To see your options for personalized gifts, click here to get in touch with professionals who can give you advice. Let your family members help you choose the photo, too.

Thank You Plaques
One of the best ways you can show your gratitude and appreciation is presenting your wedding guests with thank you plaques. Download some free templates, or get some word art designed by an artist or canvas printing company, or your wedding planner.

Sharing the joy and getting wedding favors on your big day is all about love and belonging. If you want to thank your guests and special helpers for supporting you and being there on your wedding, you can give them a personalized gift that will make them remember you and the day.