3 Amazing Ways To Be The Most Beautiful Bride

The bells will soon be ringing out in celebration of your nuptials. You’ll have kissed your new husband, thrown the bouquet and be well on your way to the reception, ready to celebrate with your nearest and dearest. As you’re travelling in the back of your wedding car with your new husband, you don’t want to be worrying about whether your dress fits ok or your makeup is still intact or if your shoes match the rest of your outfit. While your day may not be totally stress free – no wedding day ever is – you don’t want your bridal attire, your style or your look to become a worry. You ache to look beautiful and be the most perfect bride you can be.

The Dress
Since you were young, you may have been dreaming about a traditional white wedding complete with meringue style dress and veil. Only since venturing into dress shops have you realised that perhaps this isn’t the most on-trend style given the odd look on your mom’s face as your sashayed out of the fitting room cubicle. Instead, focus on the timeless trends. Sleek and simple designs with a flash of detailing never go out of fashion. Opt for the traditional white or ivory for a classic look and don’t worry if you fancy a fascinator instead of a veil. They look classy and can elevate the simplicity of your dress. When you emerge from the dressing cubicle to see your mom and friends, champagne in hand, with tears in their eyes, you know you have found your perfect dress.

Hair And Makeup
Your choices for hair and makeup can leave you in a terrible dilemma. Are you going to wear your hair up or down? Curly or straight? Highlights or not? The same goes for your makeup. Did you want to try a whole new look with sleek contouring? Be careful not to alter your look so much that you can’t recognise yourself in your wedding photos. You want to enhance what you already have. Show off your gorgeous eyes, your heart-shaped face and your beautiful cheekbones. To give your skin that added flawless texture, consider investigating the best botox providers in your area for a single session or employ the services of a professional makeup artist to make you feel that little bit extra special on the happiest day of your life.

Before The Big Day
Make sure that you get your beauty sleep. It sounds like something out of a Grimm fairytale but ensuring you get eight hours kip a night will leave you feeling more refreshed, rejuvenated and alert. Getting more sleep can help lower your stress levels. Think about enrolling in a yoga class, learning deep breathing techniques or partake in a spot of mindfulness to help keep your mind free from worries.

For your own well being and self-esteem, hot foot it to the gym, unleash some of your frustrations in a boxercise class and keep yourself in shape, so you look as svelte and gorgeous in your dress as you did when you first tried it on. Try to keep some perspective and remember to enjoy your big day. After all, this really is your time to shine.