Your Wedding Checklist: One Month To Go

If the invitations are out, then the countdown to the wedding is on. From meeting caterers to dress fittings, there are plenty of different things to be doing in the run-up to the big day. After all, you want the day to run as smoothly as possible and go without a hitch. What about the final month before you say ‘I do,’ though? Here is your essential checklist that you need in the run-up to your wedding day. With one month to go, there is a lot to get organized!

1. Chase an outstanding RSVPs. No doubt you will have put a date on the invitation, but there are always a few people that don’t reply in time. The venue will want to know numbers soon, and you’ll need final numbers to get on with things like seating plans and wedding favors. So when you know who is coming, it can solve a lot of problems.

2. When you know who is coming, you can start arranging the seating plan. This is helpful as you can make a seating chart (or have one made for you). But it is also helpful as it will allow you to choose how many tables you will need. That is good for the venue, caterers, and even the florist for when they arrange table centerpieces. You should also confirm the number of bouquets, buttonholes, and any corsages that you might need.

3. You’ll have had your engagement ring for a while now. But you also need to start getting the wedding bands for both you and your other half. You could shop online at a ring site like 77 Diamonds, to make things a little quicker. You just need to know what your ring sizes are first, though.

4. You will need to pay any outstanding balances on wedding vendors in the last few weeks before the wedding too. So check your budget and also check who needs to be paid what, when. Make sure that all payments are made, otherwise it could lead to people dropping out at the last minute which you don’t want.

5. Make a list of poses and photographs that you want your photographer to take. In the rush of the big day, you can forget everyone that you want to get a picture with. It is also a good idea to give that list to the best man too. He is a big help on the day and can arrange things with the photographer.

6. You may be going on your honeymoon straight after your wedding. If you are, then it is a good idea to get sorted for that sooner rather than later too; you don’t want to be packing for your honeymoon on the day before your wedding. So make sure you do it with plenty of time to spare.

7. Get wedding stationery printed that you need to. Things like the order of service, guest book, and table name place cards will all need to be printed in the last week or so.