Wedding Responsibilities Too Big For Your Man To Handle

In this day of equality, political correctness and being scared of offending people, we’re going to take a risk and tell you right now, right here, there are some wedding decisions you shouldn’t let your groom anywhere near. We’re not saying that you need to become a bridezilla and start roaring at the love of your life every time they make a suggestion because you can let them pick their own tuxedo, attend the groomsmen appointment with the tailors and tie their own laces.

For everything else, though, you need to keep an eye on things, or at least give them the impression they have some responsibility while you secretly make amends in their sleep. With that said, there are some common mistakes that you absolutely need to know about. This isn’t just so you can have the perfect wedding, it is so that your husband-to-be doesn’t feel your wrath. After all, weddings are stressful enough.

Watch That Budget
The whole reason you spent a week drawing up a budget was so that you didn’t have to get married on the same day you filed for bankruptcy. That’s why you need to keep on eye on this because, at some point during the planning process, your soon to be groom will just start saying “yes” to everything. It’s just easier. So make sure you take a look at things before they sign for vendors and caterers and venues and everything else.

No Verbal Invites
It is to see why this happens, what with all the excitement and euphoria swirling around, but you need to make sure your lovely man doesn’t just start inviting everyone he chats with to your wedding. That is something you may have to have a chat with him about. You really need to try and make him refrain from popping out verbal invites to everyone and anyone. It’s cute that he is so excited, but the guest list is a big part of proceedings.

Picking The Venue
This is the backdrop to your wedding, the beautiful location that will forever grace your photos and create the atmosphere you after on your day. That is too much responsibility to give your man because he probably doesn’t realize the importance of such a move. If you are really worried then you may want to jump ahead and get a wedding venue today. Yes, his intentions to surprise you with a venue come from a good place, but you will both be devastated if he doesn’t get it absolutely right. So, take that responsibility and pop it into the “Things I Will Do” column.

The Best Band Ever
You might not have to oversee this totally, but you will probably need to have the Youtube app on your phone perpetually open because some of the band names he throws out will likely be from his college days when he was a goth/punk/wannabe-rapper. Sure, the memories may be great for him and some of the guys, but the rest of the party will be totally confused. You want a band that will get people dancing, not headbanging or trying to headspin. Remember that.