Styles That Uphold The Trick Down Theory

Eyewear is the first thing people will see when they evaluate your style. Your personality has to come through the entire outfit that you wear, but sometimes, the clothes you wear have to have a linear progression. For some fashion aware individuals, their style has to start with their footwear, but many graceful flairs have to start from the head. After the face, i.e. eyewear, the rest of your sophistication trickles down from there. In fact, it’s little wonder that many tops have been designed purely to fit with some glasses, especially something that is period orientated. One of the best examples of this is the 20th and 19th centuries. Eyewear was made fashionable especially through these times, as for the first time, people with bad eyesight had an option for relief that was being mass produced. Suddenly, when there was an abundance of lenses, fashion icons of the years, began using them as part of their outfits. As with anything in style, there are ways of cherishing the past, and also bringing forth the present day and potential future.

The Classical
Whereas can we look back and see where eyewear is truly becoming fashionable and mainstream, apart from the Victorian Era. Monocles were the types of single lenses that the upper class wore. Made to fit, and specially designed for each individual, these were incorporated in the long-tail three piece suits for a gentleman. Women, on the other hand, had handheld glasses called lorgnettes. These would be taken to the opera and theatre most of the time; however, they were mostly used for reading at home. You can still buy these vintage classics for your home and can actually be personalised completely. From frames made out of gold to chrome and titanium, you can also embellish them with precious stones if you’d like. The lenses themselves can be super high-quality, and with glasses, they tend not to be so heavy as they are when the lenses are so pure made from pure one hundred percent glass and not mixed with tempered plastic.

The Bomber Style
It’s unfortunate to think, but the bomber jacket style actually came from World War Two. Pilots would be high up in the air, with no much oxygen and the temperatures were well below freezing. This is why the woollen bomber jacket was made so that warmth was kept inside the inner layers. Aviator glasses were therefore manufactured, as flying above the clouds, the sunlight would be extremely powerful. This entire look has been incorporated into the urban style and actually gave birth to the now hit and miss streetwear genre. For those who want a great winter or autumn look, this is something that will give you the ability to be creative. With a blue bomber jacket, with rhomboid patches on the arms, and the fluff of a bronze or light brown cotton lapel, it would make for a great upper torso style. With silver frames, a dark grey tinted pair of aviator glasses would make perfect sense. You can, of course, wear ripped jeans with this outfit too, but the trickle down has to come from the shades themselves. As the aviators are wider to stop the sun from glaring into your eyes, the puffed out look wouldn’t be complemented by skinny jeans. Try to keep a certain fuller look as you go down, so desert boots would be the best option to finish the tail end.

The Millennial Professional
Many have discussed this style and came to the conclusion that it’s pretty much the casual geek genre of fashion. However, this is more oriented to work and being as a member of the team at your job. Slim lenses and a thin frame, these designer eyeglasses go well with a buttoned up shirt. A smart skirt suit for the ladies is something that can go together with this kind of eyewear but be adventurous and not pick something too rigid. A long sleeve cardigan with a slim fit shirt, coupled with straight fit jeans with upturned cuffs is something that is very popular in major cities. Because the glasses are light and elegantly designed, a little neatness in the rest of your outfit would be great to wear while going to work and just relaxing with friends in a coffee shop. To accentuate the frames, you can also wear a casual, thin scarf of an offset color such as green. The frames can also be thick or perhaps pale in tone, which would go well with small gold earrings too. As with the trickle down theory, the first splash of sophistication must come from the head and face and bring that professional and young employee look down toward the feet.

The Creative and Artist
Thick black frames for glasses have come deeply into fashion and have so many different outfits and styles which they feel right at home in. For the geeky artist, thick ‘problem eyes’ frames have made a big impact. They can be worn with bold black skinny jeans, and tops like black hoodies. One may also find that the chic opposite tone of a plain white t-shirt, perhaps with vibrant colors around a necklace, together with red lipstick can be an awesome way to don these glasses. This look is also inspired for the modern day reading chair relaxation look. Although the frames are thick, the glasses aren’t heavy, as normally the material used would be metal, but to keep costs down, plastic is used.

Glasses may be one of the smaller items in your outfit, but everything can work around them. The outfits that you choose, should have a trickle down effect from the eyewear. The great bomber jacket and ripped jeans can only work together if complete with the aviators. This is the philosophy for many outfits and styles that have been inspired from the chic and urban tones of the frames and lenses of glasses. It’s also vital to make sure they fit properly, which is why designer specs are becoming more fashionable and therefore the prices are becoming more and more competitive.