On Turning Twenty-Eight

“You are never too old to set another gold or to dream a new dream” – CS Lewis

Zara bomber jacket, leather shorts & cross body purse, Ardene t-shirt dress & choker, H&M knee-high socks, Nine West shoes, Aldo pompom keychain

On October 7th, I turned 28. While it’s been bittersweet saying goodbye to being twenty-seven, this past year has truly been filled with self-reflections and discoveries. I think I had learned not only, a lot about myself, but also became well versed in accepting circumstances.

I had been really challenged by many issues that were happening around the world, which led to a sense of helplessness. I was angered by the lack of empathy that people can display to one another. I was angered by people’s childish acts and their inability to show respect. I was angered by our materialistic habits and an absence of gratefulness. I was angered by the way that we treat the only liveable planet we’ve got in our solar system. Overall, I was appalled by mankind.

It had been really difficulty to not feel bitter. Sure, it’s easy to just turn the other way and to never know the Truth. It’s easy to just want a simple life that’s oblivious. But what good is a life that’s only driven by your own desire to be happy while disregarding everything else? Can we really call that happiness? There was one point I remember during this year when I said to myself: sh*t I’m going to age and become like old man Carl from Up. However, I promise there’s a silver lining to this story.

But surprisingly, what came out of this past year was a wave of calmness. I had learned that it’s okay to feel appalled and disgusted by this world because you’re probably not alone. It’s okay to feel uneasy about humanity. But what’s not okay is to stay still, silent and do absolutely nothing. We must speak up to injustice. We must right every wrong. We must make bold statements. Yeah, we might not be able to change the world or change the fact that we will all face oblivion at the end of it all. But isn’t doing what’s good worth every single ounce of our being? Isn’t that in itself worth all the limited time that we have on earth?

I am forever in the debt of my peers who share the same beliefs and and frustrations as me. Though the number of people are not many, their impact on my life has been incalculable. And for that, I’m forever humbled and grateful.

So now what? I wish I had a more solid answer to that but the fact is I don’t even know. All I can be sure of is that there are going to be changes in how I’ll be using my social platforms, including this blog. I am also certain that I’ll be changing the direction of my brand, Lavender Moon, which is still in the works. Just remember that we are capable of so much more than just this.