How To Travel The World When You Have No Money

Everyone should go traveling because it opens your mind up to new experiences and cultures. You haven’t lived until you have spent a weekend in Marrakech, immersing yourself in the chaotic streets. Nothing beats the thrill of discovering a new part of the world. There are so many corners of the world waiting for us. New people to meet: new delicacies to be savoured. In the words of Bill Bryson – “To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted.” Travel really does make us feel alive.

The benefits of travel should never be taken for granted. However, some people claim that travel is beyond their reach because it is too expensive. They want to travel but they don’t have the money for it. Is it possible to go travelling if we don’t have any spare pounds in the bank? Should we be buying our lottery ticket on a weekly basis and praying that our numbers come up? No, because if we really want to we can afford to see the world.

In reality we can’t afford not to see the world.

Travel was once thought of as a pursuit for the upper classes. You could only afford to explore the world if you were very rich. This is no longer the case. People from all sorts of different demographics, backgrounds and classes are travelling the world. You have your students on gap years, slumming it in hostels. On the other end of the scale you have your older couples enjoying their retirement. If you believe your budget is stopping you from seeing the world, then think again. Anyone can see the world! It just might require you to think out of the box a little. So how can you fund your travels?

Work And Travel
It is possible to go travelling and work. You could find yourself earning some pounds as you lay on the beach in Bali.

Work Remotely
Do you own your own blog or website? If the answer is yes, then you could potentially earn money as you travel. You could write sponsored posts, accept guest posts, put ads on your website or even open your own shop on your website. There are also more and more remote jobs available. Could you work as freelance writer? There are companies that will hire you to work as a ghostwriter for their websites. This is a brilliant way of bringing in some regular income. You could also advertise your skills and services on People Per Hour.

Work Locally
You could find a short-term job at your destination. You could work as a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teacher. There is great demand for TEFL teachers. You can find vacancies on the TEFL website, where there are vacancies all over the world, including China and Italy. If you fancy going to the Colorado, then you could work at ski resort, where you could work in Ski Patrol or as a Desk Clerk.

Find A Volunteer Role
Volunteering is very common now. You can volunteer in almost any part of the world. Volunteer work could include helping out in a hostel or on a farm. You work for a few hours each day and in return you are given food and accommodation.

Work In The Travel Industry
If you passionate about travel then working in the travel industry might be for you. Working in travel industry is also a great way of seeing the world. Pilots, Cabin Crew and Travel Agents all get discounts on travel.

Rent Your Home Out
Renting your home out is another great way of bringing some income in as you travel the world. Renting your home out on Airbnb is a great option. Just make sure that you have emptied your home of any precious valuables. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. You could also cancel any memberships that you won’t be using when you are away. So that fancy gym membership can go. Your Deezer subscription and your Sky package can too. That way you will also be saving money too.

Say No To Hotels

Hostels – Travelling to new places doesn’t always mean that you have to stay in hotels. Staying in a hostel is a great alternative. A hostel is also a great way of meeting like-minded people. As hostel will normally have a dormitory style room where all of your facilities are shared. However, most hostels also offer rooms for families, couples and single bed rooms. You get a wide range of people staying in hostels, from 19 year-olds through to 60 year-olds. You can book a hostel through the Hostels Worldwide website.

Move Into A Monastery – If you fancy something completely different, then a staying in a monastery could be for you. You might even find some inner-calm. A monastery room won’t be a luxurious stay and you will find that your room just contains a bed and a desk. However, it is somewhere safe to lay your head at night. Monasteries are also very friendly. You just need to be aware that they are also very quiet and they will have a curfew for when you have to be back. This is probably not the place for you if you want to stay-up until the early hours clubbing. You can find more about staying in a monastery on the Monastery Stays website.

Camping – In many countries you can camp for free on any piece of unoccupied land! Wild camping can be a lot of fun. Just make sure that you clean up the site afterwards and that you remove all of your litter.

Airbnb – You could also look into staying at a Airbnb. If you decide to work as you travel then you may find that some jobs have accommodation that come with the role. Finally, perhaps it’s time to get back in contact with your long lost friends who live abroad. You could always offer to house sit for them.

Stay With The Locals – Staying with locals is also a great way of finding cheap accommodation. You can often find a local who will be happy to put you up for free. This is also a great way for you to immerse yourself in the local culture. You will find out the best places to see in the local area, and the best places to eat out. The couchsurfing website is a great site for helping travellers find accommodation with local people. Some people are reluctant to use this website because they wonder if it is safe. That is completely understandable. Saying in a stranger’s house is bound to make us worry. However, couchsurfing is very aware of those concerns and they have tried to make it as secure as possible. The website offers various levels of verification and users can rate and leave comments on a person’s profile. However, at the end of the day you should only do what you feel comfortable with. Therefore, don’t do this if it makes you feel nervous. Find alternative accommodation instead. If you do decide to stay with a local then make sure you a kind guest. If they won’t take money then leave them a small gift like a bottle of wine.

It really is possible to see the world with no money. You just need to come up with a practical plan and get researching. With a little bit of planning that world really could be your oyster.