How Often Does Your Look Change Up A Gear?

If you’re a social butterfly, chances are you love any opportunity to try out a new look. But for all of you out there that are a little wary of trying something different, perhaps now is a great time to be adventurous? Changing up your look is a great way to boost your confidence, get a fresh start, and tackle a case of the blues. Here are just some of the ways you can make small changes that make a really big difference:

Change Your Hair
This can be a really big deal for some ladies so let’s start with the easiest changes. If you regularly wear your hair up, then dare to let it down. A half-updo could be a good option here. And if your hair is normally down, why not try plating and sweeping the hair up? This creates volume and structure in one go. A very elegant new look for you!

Color is a big part of hair. If you think you can live with a brighter tone, or even a darker one, why not change your hair color? It’s not a good idea to permanently change your hair color by lightening it too many shades. Instead, work toward achieving the lighter color you want in steps. For now, why not try a temporary spray-in color? Something really bold and daring like scarlet or electric blue can be washed out instantly. It’s good fun for a wild night out!

The final change you can make to your hair is a different cut. You might shorten it or perhaps add lengthening extensions. This can change your look a little, and the extensions can be removed if they’re too troublesome. And if you don’t like your cut, you can add extensions until it grows back naturally!

Change Your Makeup
Lot of us can’t help but shop endlessly for new cosmetics. The smell, the color, and even the sale price might get your heart pumping. But few of us steer too far from those tried and tested base colors. It can be a bit scary to flash a brand new lippy color or completely change the color of our shadows. Still, it might be worth trying something radically different just to get a different perspective.

Let’s start with the lips. So, we’re all fairly confident wearing barely-theres and nudes, right? Would you dare to bear a scarlet or deep purple? What about a really vibrant cyan? These might be a step too far, but if you head to, you’ll see different shades that you can use as steps toward something much bolder. Sometimes your lipstick might be the centerpiece of your style or the focus of your entire ensemble. So go for it – try something new.

Don’t forget, lipstick and eyeshadow come in several different finishes. Don’t just stick with matt all the time. Dare to gloss or shimmer too. What about a metallic, just this once? As for your eyes? Eyeliners can accentuate your lash line, or simply frame your eyes. Use YouTube and blogs to find tutorials for each of the different lines that you like the look of. And yes, you can still adorn those lush falsies for extra volume and glam. Just take it one step at a time so you can get used to a different you.

Change Your Fashion
Have you cleared out your closet recently? Most of us have a few pieces that are years out of date! But if you haven’t bought anything at all recently, why not treat yourself today? Buying clothes can be awkward and uncomfortable if you feel like nothing suits you. This might simply be because you’re looking for the wrong shape attire. Instead of looking for colors or types of clothing, ask a personal shopper to show you a few items that suit your body shape.

You might be surprised about some of the things they show you. The color or pattern might not have been your first choice. Put it on anyway, and see how it wears. Chances are you love how it gives you curves in all the right places and flatters your natural physique. If you can bring yourself to wear things you wouldn’t normally go for, this could be the start of a wonderful new wardrobe for you.

Do clothes always have to be comfortable? Well, ideally yes. But there are times when you want to look a certain way, and that requires a higher heel, fewer layers, and standing up straight! Correcting your posture will help your clothes to hang well. You’ll gain more strength, and you’ll find that many of your rarer fashion items are comfortable enough to wear more often.

Change Your Accessories
If you really only want to try a tiny change, then your accessories could be the way to go. They’re quick and easy to alter if you really aren’t enjoying the new look. Experiment with different colors, shapes and lengths. Mix it up a little. Your accessories can define your style, and can completely change the look of any outfit.

Start with your jewelry and costume jewelry. If you’re not used to wearing much, then don’t go for charm bracelets and big rings. Instead, add a small bead bracelet with a matching necklace. Go for drop earrings instead of hoops. Pick colored gem studs instead of gold studs. Little changes can rev up an outfit and make a big difference to your look.

Finally, we’re on to the finishing touches. Your shoes do need to be comfortable if you have to be walking around a lot. Don’t disregard a heel though. A good boot or court shoe could work well if you’re not keen on them. Belts and scarfs divide the parts of your body so you can choose where you want the focus. They can hide a few things too! Are you daring with handbags? Try a bold color, a bigger size, or even wrap a scarf around your favorite, but boring, one.

It’s always a good idea to change up a gear at least once in awhile. It can help boost your confidence and will delight everyone that knows you. Be brave and try something new.