Break with Tradition and Inject Some Personality Into Your Wedding

If you want to make your wedding one of a kind, then it helps to have a few creative ideas up your sleeves. Having a few things that break with tradition and gives a nod to your personalities can be just the thing that makes your wedding perfect for you and your guests. Having the people closest to you notice your wedding and saying that the wedding is ‘so you,’ can be one of the best compliments to get. But if you’re stuck for some ideas, here are a few things to get you inspired.

Add Personal Touches
To make the wedding day really about the two of you, then plenty of personal touches is just what you need. It could be that you hijack the venue and have plenty of family photographs around the room. You could have a photo of you on the door to ladies bathroom, and one of your man on the door to the men’s room, for example. You could decorate with the things that you love, like such as particular colors, or make some bunting out of your favorite sports team scarves. Framed photos from your childhood could be in the entrance hall, as well as using table names of places the two of you have been together, instead of table numbers.

Choose An Alternative Wedding Cake
All cakes have some kind of wedding cake. But who says that it has to actually be a cake? You could choose cupcakes instead, for example, or even a tower of doughnuts if you prefer. Scones served with tea, like a mini-afternoon tea could be your preference too. Macarons towers, twinkies stacked high, a large carved watermelon cake or a giant jello mold could all work too. Just pick what you like and go with it. Your wedding ‘cake’ can be anything that you want it to be.

Pick Your Favorite Music
There are many scores of music that are often considered appropriate by tradition. But are they the kind of music that you like or ever listen to you? You could look at orchestra hire still, but choose alternative music for them to play to put a twist on things. You could also think about a band playing or simply hiring a DJ. So decide what music that you prefer and you can go from there.

Pick a Fun Wedding Car
Who says that you need to have a limousine or a Rolls Royce as your wedding car? How about hiring a yellow taxi cab, a large London style bus, or even a Hummer or monster truck? Just pick something that you have always wanted to ride in and then you can go from there.

Throw in Some Fun
If you want to have a day that you and your guests are unlikely to forget, then it could be a good idea to have something really unique and fun. The evening could finish off with some fireworks or something fun at the reception like cocktail making, rather than just dancing. Make it a fun night out, rather than just a wedding.