Break Out Of ‘The Wedding Mold’ For A Truly Personal Experience

If you’re familiar with our blog, or you have been lucky enough to attend weddings before, you’ll know that they follow a certain format to be successful. The place where the vows must take place is always the first consideration, as are the dress, the catering and the guest lists. This standardized format is often replicated from wedding to wedding, and this is no accident. This is because this routine works well, and is the most logical way for things to proceed.

However, for some people, just a ‘standard wedding,’ isn’t good enough. While no wedding is standard in its final examination, it’s still hard to blame people who are looking for something truly special, to craft a momentous day worthy of celebrating the joyous coming together of two people. Not only does this lend us fresh potential as to how someone’s marriage will commence, but it can help us adapt the event to the personalities of the bride and groom.

These tips can help you break out of the ‘wedding mold.’

Choose A Quirky Location
The most popular place to marry is in the religious institution of choice, but many people are finding alternative locations to tie the knot these days. Of course beaches, hotel receptions and clifftops are the most common alternatives, but they also adhere to mainstream tastes. Finding a quirky wedding venue can be wonderful, and help separate the event away from rational expectations. These wedding venues are great if chosen wisely, and so having a lengthy discussion with your partner about them should be your first port of call.

You might choose the first place you met, or bring in your professional life to the event. For example, if both parties worked as teachers and met in a school they both worked in, having a reception in the massive sports hall could be a wonderful idea. Write down a list of things that make up both of your identities, and see if you can find some common ground. Trying to implement that into a wedding venue can truly help you think outside the box.

Choose An Adventure Honeymoon
How do you plan to spend your honeymoon? With a lot of romantic expression for sure, but what do you plan to do outside of that? While being lost in the eyes of your partner is wonderful, if you’ve traveled to another country and hotel to do solely that, the money might have better been spent elsewhere. Consider taking an adventure honeymoon, such as skiing, snowboarding or exploring the furthest guided tundras of a foreign culture. This can help you embark on a shared adventure together as a husband and wife, and begin the process of redefining your romantic story with a beautiful and momentous event. In any case, you can be sure that your honeymoon photos will be the best of your entire family. There’s nothing quite like meeting the odds and learning something new together that helps you come together in an almost spiritual fashion, and this is arguably more substantial than following a wedding vow’s script can be.

With these tips, your wedding will truly be something to be prized and remembered by all who attend.