When is it too early to talk about Christmas?

I know, I know, Fall had just arrived. (Literally, yesterday!) However, if you have been to any retail stores recently, you’ll start to realise that a huge majority of them have already begun selling Christmas goodies. I just walked through my local Michael’s Arts & Crafts store the other day, and they had an entire aisle or two of Christmas decors already. I’ll be the first to admit, I love Christmas shopping! Because I love it, I usually start really, really early! Let me explain why it’s so important to start Christmas shopping early

Getting the Best Gifts
You have the time to think about what unique Christmas presents you really want to get for the people on your list. For me, it’s the most difficult to get gifts for my dad and thus, I’m always leaving his gift last. However, by starting early, it gives me more time to search for the perfect gifts for my dad. But sometimes, moms are even more tricky than dads. If you have trouble getting gifts for your mom rather than your dad, you can see more ideas for mothers.

Feeling Relaxed
You can avoid the mall completely during those insanely busy holiday hours if you’ve already completed your shopping by November. Imagine the amount of time you can actually spend with your loved ones during the holiday season rather than racing through the shopping mall. Let’s not get started on the parking lot hazards during Christmas.

Save Money
You can SAVE A LOT of money! One of my favourite practices in order to save money for Christmas is to shop online. When you start your Christmas shopping early, you have the luxury of finding the best deals from online retailers as you’ll have sufficient amount of time for the items to be shipped to you. Uncommongoods is an online company that I have been recently introduced to and it’s definitely where I want to start my Christmas shopping adventure for 2017. This online retailer is unlike its competitors because they believe that sustainability means more than just being “green.” Providing fair wages for all and stocking up on handmade, recycled and organic products are just a couple of reasons why this store is celebrated.