What You Don’t Know About Breast Augmentation

There are any number of reasons a woman may have for wanting to go through with a breast augmentation procedure, and each of those reasons deserve zero judgment. Whether you are getting the surgery done to boost your own confidence, or are unashamedly getting your breasts enlarged for the sake of someone else, that’s your own personal choice to make.

However, that doesn’t mean women should let each other go into these procedures blindly. It’s important to have all of the latest information regarding the safety of the procedure, as well as other basics. There’s no such thing as being over-prepared when it comes to modifying a part of your body, especially through surgical means

You Have Options: The Different Surgical Approaches
We always inform our patients of the three types of incisions that may be used for breast surgery, as well as different types of implants. The first incision involves cutting right below the nipple. The second option is an incision within the crease that rests directly underneath the breast, and the third incision option involves inserting the implants from the armpit region.

As for the implants themselves, these can either be made of silicone or saline material. Depending on your surgeon’s willingness to abide requests, the implants may be available as round or shaped, as well as smooth or textured, and these implants can be inserted either above or below the chest muscle that rests below the breasts.

In addition, the type of implant recommended may also depend on the woman’s specific body type.

Granting women the option to choose what approach they prefer for this surgical procedure is important, as one reason some women decide to have the surgery done is to reclaim their bodily autonomy. It’s your body, and although it’s wise to listen to recommendations that your surgeon may bring up with you, as the person that is getting the surgery, you get to have the final say on some of these decisions, too.

About the Recovery Period
No matter how highly esteemed your surgeon is or how smoothly they are able to perform the procedure, there still exists the chance that you’ll experience some pain post-op. So, it’s good to prepare for that now instead of pretending that you’ll be able to

step out of the surgical room confidently, chest and chin high with an award-winning smile worthy of Hollywood’s red carpet.

I recommend that my patients schedule to have a friend or a family member accompany them home after the surgery, and even stay with them a couple nights. This way, if you’re feeling less than stellar after your operation, you’ll have company to help ensure that you get home safely and don’t experience any unexpected negative effects. And luckily, the expected post-op pain can usually be managed through pain medication.

Furthermore, if you are a working woman, you may very well be able to return to your work within a week of getting the operation. It certainly doesn’t hurt to give yourself a little leeway when it comes to taking it easy the first couple days, but it might also be comforting to know that you likely won’t need to be bedridden for weeks after.

Most reputable plastic surgeons do recommend that you do not participate in vigorous physical activity or heavy-lifting for 4 – 6 weeks following your surgery. This recommendation is made with your best interests in mind of course, to ensure that no damage is done to the implants, and that your body has ample time to appropriately heal.

How Long They Take to Get Used to
Patients usually tell me that by the six-month point, after the chest muscle has been able to completely heal, their implants truly feel like their own. Although you’ll probably start getting acquainted with your new breasts as soon as you wake up from your surgery, it’s normal for it to take a few months before they truly start feeling like your own.

Your breast tissue will also stretch during this initial six-month healing period as it settles to accommodate your body’s natural proportions. But no cause for alarm – this is actually a good thing. It’ll make them look even better, and help them feel more natural on your chest.

The point being—you don’t have to be scared of getting this surgery, though it is important that you trust your surgeon. Remember, you deserve to feel confident that your surgical professional will be able to deliver the results you desire for your ideal breast lift procedure.

About the Author
Dr. Robert Tornambe, one of the leading plastic surgeons in New York City, possesses a wealth of knowledge regarding the most popular procedures individuals across the country go under the knife for, including breast lifts.