To Wear or Not to Wear

When it comes to style and fashion, are there really any rules? When it comes to what’s in your wardrobe, does it matter what others think? The majority would say that there are rules, and even more would probably say yes, it does matter what others think when it comes to clothing choices. You, too, are more than likely inclined to follow the latest styles. You, too, probably try to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest trends as best you can. There’s nothing wrong with this — nothing at all. But where’s the fun in all that! Where’s the fun in looking like everybody else that is following the latest trends? If you’re looking to have more fun with the clothes you wear this Autumn, why not try mixing and matching your style over the coming months? If you’re looking to have more fun with your clothing, why not try subverting the norm? If you’re looking to have more fun with your fashion, then make sure to read on.

Just because summer has gone, it doesn’t mean the summery feel in your wardrobe has to go too.
The ditching or throwing out of summery looking and feeling clothes once summer has passed has long been a common trope of fashion. It may be hard to do, because it really does mark the end of summer and signal that yet another winter is coming. Yet still, it is done year in, year out. But why must this happen? The answer is simple: it doesn’t have to happen. So instead of ditching your summer styles this Autumn, continue to wear them in defiance! Instead of letting the Autumnal fashion win, continue to chase that summer light! Better still, why not bring in even more summery clothes to your wardrobe? Why not head to an online retailer like and get yourself a very summery Maxi Dress? By doing so you can do a whole lot of things. You can refuse to let the fun of the summer sun die. You can stand out from others, who will surely be switching to Autumnal styles. And you will be looking absolutely fabulous whilst you do so! Of course, this doesn’t mean stepping outside in a Maxi Dress when it is -15 degrees. It just means don’t feel obliged head to the office head to toe in wooly clothes when you can head there in a light fitting dress. But if you do, make sure you sit next to a radiator!

Bra straps do not have to be hidden
Bras and their straps are there, so why is it that they are forced into hiding? Why is it that woman all across the world feel obliged to hide their bra straps as best they can? Haven’t got an answer to that? Well, it seems nobody does! So, this autumn, instead of doing all you can to pretend your bra straps aren’t there, embrace them. Let them be seen, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. In fact, why not go the whole hog and refuse to hide your bra too? To do this, without looking trashy, you should try wearing see through blouses. Well, why should you have to centre your clothing choices around if they cover your bra up or not?

But if the strapless life really is the one for you, then that’s okay too. There are plenty of strapless bras out there and there are plenty of bra tricks to try out, including these here provided by none other than Kim K herself.

Opt for comfier clothing
For far too long, we humans have been trying our best to look as ‘good’ and dress as ‘well’ as we can, even when doing so means we are uncomfortable. But, when you think about it, is there really any point in doing all of that? One of the reasons we wear clothes is to make us feel comfortable enough to be out in public, so wearing clothes that are uncomfortable just seems a bit, well, silly. The usual suspects when it comes to uncomfortable clothing are heels and skinny jeans, and you can probably attest to owning a pair or two of both of these. They both look good, and they are both very much the cultural norm of modern day fashion. But they are as just about as uncomfortable as anything else hanging in your wardrobe or sitting in your shoe cupboard, especially when worn for long periods. And they can bring about serious health issues too: heels can damage the spine and skinnies can cause nerve damage. So, this Autumn, challenge the norm, stop wearing them and go comfy! By doing so, you could be protecting your health.

And why not check out these other baffling things about women’s clothes, and see if you can challenge any of them with your next clothing choices.

Wear eveningwear whenever, wherever
And speaking of comfy, what is more comfy than eveningwear? What is comfier than slipping into your pyjamas after a long, hard day at work? Well, what’s stopping you from feeling this comfortable during that long, hard day at work too? No, this doesn’t mean going out in your Spongebob pyjamas and your dressing gown. It means experimenting with clothes such as Front Maxi Slips and other flowy sort of items, and rocking them like only you can!

Similarly, tracksuits can be worn stylishly too thanks to ’athleisure’ most certainly becoming a very real thing in the world of fashion. And because ‘athleisure’ is a real movement in the world of fashion, maybe its time to make it a real thing in the world of your wardrobe? With any eveningwear or athleisure look you go for this Autumn, try wearing sneakers to balance it all out. Trust me, it’ll work!

It’s your life, and it’s your wardrobe, and you should do with them both as you please! Remember, there are a whole host of fashion faux pas out there that aren’t faux pas at all. Remember, when it comes to fashion, there really are no rules. Once you remember these things, and start putting them into practice, you may find that you become the fashion mogul you’ve always dreamed of being.