Teen Breast Reduction: 5 Important Signs

Growing taller, getting rounder and developing hair in different parts of the body are just some of the many changes that occur during puberty. In girls, one of the most significant changes is the development of the breasts.

Some girls experience the continuous growth of their breasts, exceeding what should be their natural cup size. And while this may appear natural for some, the breasts can become too large for a young girl’s body frame; resulting in a condition known as macromastia, or the over-development of the breasts.

Breast Reduction in Teens
Over the last few years, there has been an increasing number of teenage girls interested in breast reduction surgery. Young celebrities such as Modern Family’s Ariel Winter has been open and forthright about her decision to undergo the procedure.

Having large breasts may come as a disadvantage to many teenage girls, given the number of physical and psychological problems that can occur.

Five Important Warning Signs
With that in mind, here are five quick warning signs every parent must know when their teenage daughters are considering breast reduction surgery:
• Constant pain: Many teenage girls experience constant pressure in their back, shoulder, and neck because of the constant weight they carry in their chests. This can have a serious effect on their posture as they mature.
• Unwanted attention: From a young age, girls who suffer from macromastia have to deal with unwanted attention from strangers. This can leave many young girls with serious emotional and psychological trauma and low self-esteem.
• Limited movement: Because of the weight women with large breasts carry, simple activities such as exercise can become very problematic. In some cases, even impossible.
• Shortness of breath: The weight carried on the breasts can lead to shortness of breath. Breathing is impaired by the constant weight pressed down on the chest.
• Skin irritation: The folds beneath the breasts can lock in moisture and lead to problems such as rashes and other forms of skin irritation.

According to experts, two-thirds of teenage girls with macromastia are overweight. This can leave them vulnerable to eating disorders, even though the reduction of weight has very little to do with the issue itself.

Experts Weigh in
Dr. Ergun Kocak, board-certified plastic surgeon in Ohio and co-founder of Midwest Breast & Aesthetic Surgery comments, “For the most part, the breasts reach maturity by the age of sixteen to eighteen. And while the breasts may continue to develop until a later age, breast reduction is possible. Delaying surgery until a later age might only prolong the stress and discomfort many girls with macromastia experience on a daily basis.”

While the procedure poses a number of risks, there is no denying the number of young girls who have found relief from breast reduction surgery.

“For young girls thinking about undergoing breast reduction, the best advice I can give is to talk to your parents”, Dr. Kocak adds. “And in turn, it is equally important that parents keep an open mind and listen to their children. Adolescence is a very stressful time in a young adult’s life and having someone to share these issues with can go a long way.”

Under the care of a board-certified plastic surgeon, breast reduction can be a life-changing procedure that enforces self-confidence, a positive body image, and most importantly, a healthier body.