Country Or City Girl? Find A Look That Works For Both

If there’s one thing to be certain about, it’s that Canadian women don’t like being pigeonholed into one or another set of labels. For example, a girl can be just as interested in spending her weekends driving out to a nearby farm for fresh air, or trekking up a mountain as she would be meeting her friends downtown for dinner. Why is it then that when provided with footwear selections, women must almost always choose between fashion and practicality? If they’re shelling out money, shouldn’t they receive the best of both worlds?

One retailer by the name of Aigle understands a woman’s need to be both comfortable, and to feel flattered in her footwear. The company has its roots in France and for the last century and a half, has been inspired by both life rooted in the great outdoors as well as always growing and expanding metropolitan attitudes. Women can find all manners of footwear at from fancier heeled boots, to functional wellingtons, to an array of hybrids.

The Victorine Botte style for example is a rubber boot that has a rugged outsole and small heel – perfect for lovers of the outdoors that prefer to retain a feminine look. They’re also easy to slip on and off, making them low maintenance and convenient. To clean the mud or dirt off after a walk in the park, simply use a wet cloth with a gentle amount of soap and wipe.

Their Chantebelle style is also a classic rain boot for women that can moonlight as a walking boot to bring to the countryside as it is both elegant and highly durable. Alternatively, try the Malouine for that quintessential look of galoshes with two white stripes along the top; these boots are fast drying and great for wet or stormy weather with a darling appeal.

Every boot the company constructs is made of 100% organic materials, including waterproof rubber shaped by master craftsmen using a meticulous process – with 60 steps required just to fashion one boot. If you’re interested in a vintage look – you can see online which styles were developed first. The Chantebelle for example was introduced by the retailer in 1967 to meet women’s needs as no other hunting boot was available with enough of a feminine flair at the time. The Bison boot came out a year later for women who enjoyed working in their gardens, while conversely ensuring a leather puller helped their boots to stand out in a crowd.

A woman carries many sensibilities, and contains multitudes – why shouldn’t her wardrobe do the same? By purchasing a pair of high quality boots that will not only last, but that will provide a girl with chameleon-like adaptability for any occasion, she’ll finally have stylish footwear with the missing component she’s always wanted – practicality. Her boots will not only be just for show – they’ll be able to keep up with her and her fast-paced and adventurous lifestyle at last.