Unique Finishing Touches to Add to Your Dream Wedding

A wedding is usually a once in a lifetime experience. At least, when you’re one of the people getting married. It’s a unique experience and there’s not much like it in the world, which is why we spend so much money, time and effort trying to plan the perfect wedding.

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Whether it’s picking out the best ring to fit your personality, ensuring the food is absolutely perfect or making sure the dining table arrangements are completely sorted, there’s a lot to consider when you plan your wedding. The use of a wedding planner will do wonders to help you out, but they’re not immune to missing out on finishing touches either.

So to help you add the cherry on top for your wedding, here are a couple of unique finishing touches that can finish your dream wedding.

Gather Some Inspiration
It’s hard to tell what you’ve actually missed and what you’ve included in your wedding without getting some inspiration. There are plenty of ideas on websites such as Pinterest that could help spark your imagination, and there are countless online stores that sell wedding supplies that could add the last few touches your wedding plan needs to become perfect. Whether it’s an extra table for the guests, a lamp for when it gets dark or even a wine barrel decoration, there are countless extra bits and pieces that can make your wedding that much more special.

Fun and Entertainment
Be it giant interactive props for people to take memorable photos with or an oversized jenga set for the kids and adults to play, make sure you add some fun and entertainment so your guests can relax and unwind between events. Giving them something to do while they socialise is a fantastic way of getting your guests to interact with each other. You can have a whole range of entertainment for a low price as well, so there’s no excuse not to have some classic wedding games such as ring toss and checkers. If you want to get it further, then consider more elaborate setups such as a bingo or even video games that involve singing or dancing.

Glamming the Guest Book
One of the most amazing memorable items you could get is a guest book filled with kind and funny messages as well as photographs. Get a large guest book with leather padding so that it can be stored away safely and looks the part. Next, get a disposable instant camera so your guests can take little photographs and stick them in your guest book next to their messages. You can even give them different coloured pens and pencils so they can add a bit of personal flair to their notes. Make sure to bring some attention to your guest book as well so that people actually remember to sign it and add their own little personalised notes to it for you to remember.

Hopefully, these ideas have given you some inspiration on how to add the finishing touches to your wedding.