The Crazy Celebrity Wedding Ideas You Can Steal

Everybody likes to push the boat out when it comes to their wedding. It’s the one time where you can be extravagant without feeling guilty, and nobody does extravagance like celebrities. When it comes to wedding ideas, the best place to look for inspiration is the over the top celebrity affairs that have made the news in recent years. While you might not be able to afford the luxuries that they can, you can do your own, cheaper version of their crazy ideas. If you want to make your wedding day extra special, try out some of these ideas.

Beyonce’s Ridiculous Ring
When Jay Z proposed to Beyonce, it’s no surprise that he spent a lot of money on the ring. But you’d be surprised at just how much. The 18 carat diamond ring cost somewhere in the region of $5 million! Now, you probably aren’t going to afford that for your own wedding, but there’s something to be said for putting a bit more thought into the ring. You can get tacori wedding rings via Whiteflash. They’re a good quality ring but, luckily for you, they won’t set you back $5 million. You’re going to be wearing those rings for the rest of your lives so it’s worth putting a bit more money into them.

Holly Valance’s Expensive Invites
When you’re adding up the expenses of your wedding, the invites aren’t usually top of the list. There are all sorts of things that are way more expensive, but if you want to really impress your guests, you’ve got to start before the wedding day itself. That’s exactly what Holly Valance did at her wedding when she decided to spend over $300 on every single invite. That amount of money is extreme, but it’s a good idea to spend a little more on the invites so your guests get a taste of what they’re getting on the day.

Nicole Richie’s Special Guest
When Nicole Richie was drawing up the guest list for her wedding, she went through lists of friends and family, but she didn’t stop there. She decided to invite another very special guest. A full sized elephant. She decided to have it there because they are considered good luck. Getting an elephant probably isn’t an option for you, but having a few animal guests at the wedding can be great, especially if you’ve got kids attending.

Keira Knightley’s Olive Tree
A romantic gesture on your wedding day is always welcome. It’s also nice to have lots of mementos to remember your special day. Keira Knightley’s husband came up with the perfect idea for a romantic gesture at their wedding. He bought her an olive tree that was a hundred years old and carved their initials and the date of the wedding into it. The tree set him back about $3000 because it was so old, but you don’t have to do that. The gesture is just as special if you do it with a normal plant, and you won’t have to pay out so much money. It’s a great gift for your spouse as you can watch it grow together over the years.

You might not have the money that these celebrities do, but you can still take inspiration from their crazy wedding ideas.