Switzerland’s Hidden Secrets

Lots of countries have their own secrets that only the locals know about. Exploring these little-known gems can help you get off the beaten track and away from all the usual busy tourist spots.

One country that has held on tightly to some of its best secrets is Switzerland. You might think that it is a country of skiing, cheese, and cuckoo clocks, but there is actually a whole lot more to it! Read on to find out about Switzerland’s best hidden secrets.

Zurich’s Rote Fabrik
For many people, Switzerland has a reputation for being very neat and perfect. In fact, if you explore its main cities, you will see that they are all very polished and squeaky clean. However, if you head to the Rote Fabrik (Red Factory) in Zurich, you will find that this isn’t always the case. This old factory looks battered and beaten on the outside, but once you get inside, you will find a very exciting hub of alternative and progressive culture. The venue features a theater and regularly holds poetry slams. There are also some awesome street-food stalls serving up delicious dishes!

The Cambrian Hotel
Are looking for a relaxing break where you can forget about all your troubles back at home? If so, then book a few nights at the gorgeous Cambrian Hotel. These infinity pools are incredible on this list and you will notice that The Cambrian’s pool also gets a mention. The pool is a huge attraction at the hotel, as you can bathe in the refreshing waters while overlooking the nearby mountains. A fantastic way to unwind on your holiday!

If you love all things scientific, then you need to make sure you plan a visit to CERN. This is the HQ for the European Organization for Nuclear Research and is located right on the Franco-Swiss border, quite close to Geneva. Visitors can take guided tours around the center but you need to remember that there is a high demand for them, so you might need to book a few months in advance. Tours are in English and French and take around two hours.

Secret Dinners
Are you always adventurous when it comes to eating out? If so, then you will thoroughly enjoy Zurich’s Secret Dinner organization. The group plans regular supper clubs and invites members of the public to join in. There is just one catch, though – the details of the dinner are kept top secret until just a couple of hours before the meal. Transport to the meal is provided, and you might end up at one of the city’s top locations!

Cabaret Voltaire
If you love a good night out, spend one of your evenings at the Cabaret Voltaire. There is a good variety of acts throughout the week, ranging from singer-songwriters to drag performances. You can never quite know what to expect!

So, there you have it. Switzerland has many secrets, and most are not as clean-cut as you might have expected! Have a fun time!