The Must-Have Experiences Of Florida

When you talk about a big rambling trip to any of the States, there’s going to be a lot to choose from. While you can certainly fall in love with the lesser visited locations like Maine, there are just some mainstream options that you can’t ignore. The Sunshine State is one of those options. Fantastic weather, a plethora of tourist traps, and one of the most diverse natural landscapes in the country, it can be hard to pick out the must-visits. But we’re going to try it with three distinct locations and three distinct holidays.

Fulfill Childhood Dreams in Orlando
You might sound like a huge kid when you look into Orlando and start getting excited about all the things you can do there. But it’s one-hundred percent worth it, there’s no question about it. Universal Studios offers good competition and it worth a stop in its own right, but you can’t go through life without having visited Disneyworld in Orlando. Yes, there are long waiting lines, and it can get pricey. However, just the experience of seeing all your favorite characters and exploring that inner child is worth it without all the different rides and themed areas. Plus, they’re always adding new things, like the Star Wars show and the seasonal Rivers of Light.

Party in Miami
If you want something a little more for adults but still not lacking excitement and fun, then it’s not too far a trip to Miami, instead. This is party and luxury central. By day, you have the Marketplace and its utter smorgasbord of retail and food stops, and the glam and gorgeous display of South Beach. Then by night, you have more clubs and Latin dance clubs than you can shake a stick at. If you want an unforgettable luxury party experience, however, you have to rent a boat in Miami. There are a few different services on offer in the city offering you the best views as the background to your hijinks. The best of them allow you complete control over your trip, too, so you’re not limited to a quick tour.

Explore the Keys
Maybe partying and being surrounded by people isn’t your thing. Florida gets a bit of a reputation for offering only that, but people forget that it has some of the most tranquil and gorgeous natural beauty sites in the country. The Everglades isn’t a long trip from Miami, but you have to also consider the Keys. These islands offer all kinds of secluded resorts and getaways, but snorkeling in the Keys is one experience you’ll never forget or experience elsewhere. The different areas offer a whole diversity of fish and flora, too, so it’s not all the same. Don’t forget that there are plenty of dolphins in the area that you can get up close to, as well.

You could keep coming back again and again to the three tips mentioned above and you still haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg that is Florida. It just goes to show that the state is so widely visited for a reason.