The Beauty Regime to Turn you into a Beauty Machine

Despite the intense title to this article, it’s important that you approach your beauty regime with a calm and clear mindset. You have to be doing this for you. You shouldn’t feel forced to wear makeup or change elements of your appearance because your friends are doing so, your family is doing so, or your favorite Instagram models seem to be doing so.

You need to do it for you, and if that’s the case then you should also feel free to change your appearance as much as you want even if others seem to judge you. Wear makeup if you want to wear makeup, and make bold fashion decisions if you want to make bold fashion decisions. The important thing is that you do it correctly if you’re going to go that extra mile. The following tips on creating the ultimate beauty regime might just help you with that.

Your Hair
We are not kind to our hair. Whether you bleach and dye it to change its appearance, pull and stretch at it to shape it into crazy styles, or simply wash it every day, everybody on all levels of the spectrum is doing damage to their hair. It’s healthy for your hair to take things easy after being bleached or dyed too many times; give it a break and return to a natural color for a while. You might find that it looks colorful but feels horrible if you damage it in this way too often.

With regards to washing your hair, doing this too frequently is bad for it; it makes you more susceptible to dryness or greasiness on the off-days. An article over at suggests shampooing your hair only twice a week. This may leave you horrified, but just try it for a couple of months; you might find that all the dryness, itchiness, and general discomfort you find when you’ve not washed your hair for a day or so starts to fade away. You won’t need to wash your hair as often. Take it easy when you’re styling your hair too; if you’re prone to frizziness then leave a drop of conditioner in your hair after drying and let it settle. You just need to try to be gentler with your hair.

Your Face
Maintaining the perfect face is… well, impossible. It’s impossible to achieve the perfect face in the first place, and people are slowly starting to realize that the pictures on magazines or plastered across the internet of models with perfect skin are all photoshopped anyway. Still, there’s certainly a way to make your skin healthier, and the blemish which probably gives you the most grief in this regard is acne. As explained over at, acne is never really cured; all you can ever do is better manage it and stop it from flaring up in the first place. It’s important to keep your face clean; use clean makeup brushes and wash everything off your face every morning and evening. Don’t touch your face too much. These are all great tips to keep your acne in check. Even eating more healthily makes a difference.

The important thing to remember is that there is no “definitive” beauty regime because all women are different, and all women have different faces. Your friends most likely deal with different skin issues to you, and that’s okay. You might deal with facial hair, but you’re definitely not alone in that regard. If you need some help then here are the top brands from for electric shavers because hair growth on the body is natural, and there are lots of options out there for you. Of course, it all depends on what makes you comfortable. If you’re happy with how you look then you’re already mastering your beauty regime. You shouldn’t change your appearance for other people. Seeing the theme now?

Your Beauty Sleep
It’s not just a silly catchphrase; getting your beauty sleep is important, as mentioned over at The health benefits of sleeping longer are numerous. Your skin will look better, the bags under your eyes will fade, and you’ll just feel better in a mental sense. All of these things affect your appearance, as happiness, energy, and general awake-ness all create a certain glow which no beauty regime can manufacture if you don’t get enough sleep. You just need to learn to look after yourself better because sometimes the best beauty regime is a natural one.

Of course, there’s more to getting a quality night’s sleep than making sure you squeeze those eight hours in. You also need to think about the bed in itself; a poor quality bed can affect your posture, and that affects the quality of your sleep ever if you did get a solid eight hours in bed. Make sure your mattress and bed-frame are both supportive so that you have fewer aches and pains throughout the day; you might find, with a new mattress, that you feel ten times more awake after getting exactly the same amount of sleep.

Your Body
As mentioned over at, the best way to look after your appearance is to look after your health at a physical, basic level. If you want to look better than don’t manufacture it; make it happen in a natural sense. Get that shape you want by thinking more consciously about your eating and exercising routine. If you don’t have a healthy exercise routine then you need to get one. This isn’t about hitting the gym for a ridiculous amount of time each day; it’s about simply getting your body moving. If you’re not active then you’re doing your body a lot of harm on the inside as well as the outside.

Focus simply on finding a permanent healthy routine. A balanced diet and some physical activity are both the final keys to success in your beauty regime, and you’ll feel good in that you’re doing something for health reasons as well as for the sake of a better appearance.