Summer Dresses for Every Body Shape

Once the weather gets warmer, dresses are ideal. Not only are they pretty, but they are way cooler than pants. Not to mention, the require very little thinking in morning as you don’t have to worry about matching the top to bottom. It’s so easy to just pick out which dress you want to wear in the morning and be on your way out the door. However, finding the best type of dress that’ll complement your frame can be difficult. Keep reading below to find my tips and tricks on choosing the style that best flatters your body.

If you’re nearly 6-foot tall, finding a dress with the right cut is key. A just-above-the-knee hemline will keep you from looking too long but at the same time showing off those long, fabulous legs. Addition to this, a wearing a straight-lined sweater dress will skim down your athletic frame. A sexy, v-neck bandage dress can also add some extra flare to the back.

When you’re petite, a good rule of thumb to remember is that you should be wearing the dress and not the other way around. It can be a huge problem looking for a dress that doesn’t look like a paper bag. A micro dress on a petite lady is usually a trusty standby. Also, a dress that has a mid-thigh hemline will create the perfect proportion to your height. However, since it’s short, you want to make sure that the dress isn’t super tight otherwise, it won’t look as chic.

If you have a curvier body, the class fit and flare style of dresses will always be essential for your wardrobe. Finding a dress with a defined waist and bit of flare on the bottom will mimic your own proportions and thus, being very flattering. You can get creative by mixing prints, textures and colours. Dresses with a peplum bottom will also make the most of your hourglass.

The key to finding the right dress for your body shape is by adding the right amount of volume. The tiered ruffle dress will be one of the most flattering summer trends for you. It’s very easy to add volume to your narrow frame with some frilly tiers. By having the multiple layers, it will create an illusion of curves hugging your body and can add a little more dimension in a very subtle way.