Style Additions That Last Forever

Are you sick of the fast-moving nature of fashion and the fact that you seem to only be able to enjoy trends for a short time before they’re gone? Then you’re joining a growing group of women. It’s time to look beyond what you’re going to wear for the next three months. Instead, look at what you’ll be wearing for the next three years. Here are a few timeless pieces of advice for women who want a look that will endure.

The Leather Jacket
There are a few pieces of clothing quite as versatile as the leather jacket. Asking ten different women what they would wear with a leather jacket and you’re likely to get ten different answers. They can be the centerpiece to a lot of different looks and can be used in many different ways, whether you’re going for the tough menswear inspired style or something contemporary and irreverent. Few pieces of clothes work as hard.

The Sundress
You might be saying that something that only works one-third of the year can’t be considered timeless, but the fact is that a good sundress can come back year after year after year to the same effect. They have an attraction to them for both men and women that is almost mystical in nature. A good pick like a blue Avon Sun On My Shoulders dress does more than contributing to a look. Every year, it can actually be the look. Every woman should have at least one sundress. It will make the sunnier seasons much more bearable, fashion-wise.

Your Stamp
Every woman should also have that one signature piece that adds their stamp to any outfit. When you feel like something’s looking a little too plain, then you know that it’s accessories that are really going to add your own silhouette to it. Bigger accessories like sunglasses or a hat are all well and good, but you can go smaller and even more personal. You can add a monogram necklace that expresses that little bit of yourself without overly dominating any look. That personal connection makes it a lot more likely to become one of your go-to pieces, as well.

When in doubt, just go back to your staples. The leather jacket is one of the more stylish examples of this, but there’s a beautiful simplicity to the white tee and it’s just as versatile. The minimalist style of dress is contemporary and it’s clean. It keeps the look simple without making it look like you’ve put in no effort at all. It removes a lot of the indecision about picking pieces that have perhaps a little too much detail or too specific a look to be of much use beyond a current trend, too.

Of course, you don’t have to be at the whims of what’s trendy and what isn’t. If a piece of yours goes out of fashion but you rock it and it makes you feel confident, then keep it up. You might very well have your own timeless pieces so stick by them.