All The Questions You Need To Ask Potential Wedding Venues

Your wedding venue will make or break your wedding. Pick the right one, and you will be able to hold a fairytale ceremony in an absolutely beautiful setting. However, if you are too hasty with your choice and end up picking a venue that isn’t entirely suitable, you might find that it tarnishes your day.

The best way to figure out whether a venue is a good fit for your wedding day is to ask the owners or events manager a few searching questions. Read on to find out what they are!

Does The Price Include Catering?
If you hire an event venue that regularly holds a variety of events, then they will probably have a large kitchen and dedicated catering team on site. If so, catering might come included in the hire price. This will certainly take a weight off your mind as you won’t have to spend time planning your own catering and factoring it into your wedding budget. However, it might mean that you are restricted to the venue’s menu. If you think that you would prefer to hire your own catering company, you should ask whether this would be ok with the venue.

Will I Be Able To Decorate?
Some couples like to have a theme for their wedding and will want to decorate their venue accordingly. However, not every venue will be happy with you adding decorations. So, it’s important to ask whether or not this is allowed. If you don’t ask this and decorate without the venue’s permission, you might end up losing your deposit or paying an expensive cleaning fee.

What Is Your Capacity?
Asking about a venue’s capacity is important if you want to invite a lot of guests to your wedding. Some wedding venues might be restricted to a limited capacity because of the building’s fire and safety regulations. If a venue has an outdoor area for summer weddings, then they might be able to hold more people.

Does The Venue Have Disabled Access?
If you know that some of your guests have mobility issues, then you will need to find an accessible venue. Most modern venues will have disabled access. However, if you are looking to get married somewhere that is quite historic, such as a castle or stately home, you might have trouble organizing access for disabled guests.

What Is Parking Like?
If your favorite venue is out in the middle of nowhere, your guests will likely have to drive to it. So, you need to make sure that there is going to be plenty of parking available for them. Some venues may not have large car parks, but if they are in the countryside, they may have a field that they can open up for parking. It’s a good idea to discuss parking before you book the venue, as this could be a real sticking point for guests.

Once you have asked all of these questions, you will be able to better judge whether or not a venue is suitable for your wedding!

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