Your Guide to an Ultimate & Effortless Summer Style

Autumn, winter, and spring are long gone, so it’s time to throw those styles away. Not that it’s summer, the focus should be on looking bright and cheerful and reflecting everyone’s favorite season. However, there is a fine line between pulling it off and seeming like a tryhard wannabe. Sure, everyone wants and tries to feel their best, but summer is as much about being effortless as it is glamorous. The natural look is never easy, yet it is possible thanks to these tips.

Some posts would tell you not it sweat it, but that would require effort.

One reason someone like Blake Lively never has a hair out of place is that she accessorizes. There isn’t a time when she doesn’t have a piece which supplements her outfit, whether it is summer, winter or a season in between. Seen as she is the queen of style, there is a lot of sense in taking a leave out of her book. Start by focusing on the essential items like sunglasses. Bigger is better this year, and women’s glasses from will hit the spot. Next, move onto jewelry and a dainty little necklace with a mixture of bangles. Oh, and don’t forget about your bag.

Opt For Loose Clothing
Wearing tight clothes is always a nice self-esteem boost, especially when you have assets that don’t make you scream! The thing is that summer isn’t the time for tight tops and bottoms because of the weather. When the mercury starts to rise, no one wants to get caught out wearing a red hot, skin-tight leather ensemble. Plus, it makes it seem as if you are trying too hard. Loose clothing like sundresses and baggy t-shirts are the way to go this summer. Not only will they keep you cool, but they have a casual elegance which is hard to replicate.

Forget The Heels
There is a time and a place for heels and boots, and it’s either on a night out or a cold winter’s day. Summer is when sneakers and flats come into play, so don’t forget to add them to your wardrobe. There is something ever so informal about sneakers that it’s impossible not to appear laid back. Still, the right ones always come across as cool and chic. Regardless, there is no time for heels or boots when you’re on the move all day. Your feet would drop off by the time you got home!

Wear Less Makeup
As a rule, less is more with regards to makeup. Too much can make it seem as if you just slap it on every morning. The result isn’t the one that a majority of women would hope for, so be gentle. Plus, appearing effortless is all about being natural, and a ton of foundation and mascara isn’t your original self. No one is saying ditch it altogether and go au naturel – that’s madness! However, there is a lot of sense in keeping it light and breezy seeing as that’s the style you’re trying to create.

No one will be able to accuse you of trying too hard with these tricks.