Top hacks for Curly Summer Hair

Curls are great. They perfectly frame your face and give you that lively, bouncy look at all times. Unfortunately, summer is upon us, and it would be great to make it to autumn without seeing them turn crisp and frail. I’ve looked around a bit for you and asked my curly-haired friends; this is how they keep theirs under control.

Know your Hair
A lot of good advice is wasted unless you know what kind of curls you have and what works for your hair; is it more of a wave than a curl? Take a test here to find out and get started on that great-hair journey straight away. Different curl types require different attention and products to look their best, and a one-size-fits-all approach to your hair might just weigh it down, and you’ll miss out on that bouncy look completely.

That’s what they call it, any way – my curly-haired friends, that is. More and more people are starting to reveal that they’re not washing their hair at all and, even though most of us picture them putting up with a helmet of grease, it seems to be working wonders for their hair. Didn’t Prince Harry admit to not washing his hair in 2 years or something like this a while back? He did. And here’s another one who hasn’t washed his hair in 14 years, although I’m not sure if that was for the sake of beautiful hair or not.

Anyway, most followers of this routine have stacked the shampoo away and are washing it with conditioner only to maintain the moisture in the curls. Try it out; it’s good for it to get some time off the shampoo in any way – even if you can’t take it anymore after the first week.

Find your Favourites
My husband, of all people, keeps breaking this rule. As soon as his hair or skin isn’t behaving as he expects it to, he buys a random and mid-range lotion. Three weeks later, he’ll react to something in the lotion, and we’re down the same lane again.

Although he won’t listen to me, I hope you will: being faithful to one product has a lot of advantages. First, and most importantly, your hair likes to get used to one to look as good as it can, kind of like your skin. These are the best hair straightening creams for curly hair, so you can make sure you’re sticking to the high-quality ones. It’s also a lot easier on your wallet; buying one mid-range bottle and change to another mid-range one after a month of no results is expensive and confusing.

As a girl with tangled rather than curly hair, it is one rule I know by heart: brush from the bottom up. If you ever did horseback riding, you’d learned this when grooming their mane and why shouldn’t the same apply when we brush our hair? Not only is it a lot less painful, but it’s better for your hair too. Do the same when you use conditioner, by the way, start at the bottom and work your way up.