The Dark Side Of Makeup

Now you may be expecting a post on the Goth look and how to work it into your daily life, but this article is about something else entirely. It’s about the problems that using makeup can cause us and what we can do about them. So read on to find out about makeup’s dark side and how it could be affecting you.

Not Taking Makeup Off
On the dark side of makeup that not everybody realises is that while we wear it to make us look young and beautiful, it can actually age our face if we don’t take it off properly at night.

This is because it interferes with the skin’s natural regeneration process, causing broken veins, spots, and cysts. Meaning if we are leaving our makeup on regularly overnight, we can expect the quality of our skin to deteriorate.

To combat this always, always take your makeup off at the end of each day. Even if you just use a makeup removing wipe. But it’s much better to find a cleanser and toner combination that leaves your skin feeling soft and nourished, and not tight and dry.

You should also include additional treatments to deal with any particular skin issue you have such as this serum with hyaluronic acid. Designed to restore a youthful glow.

Makeup as Aging
Another problem that many people don’t know about makeup is that how you apply makeup can age your face. This is because rather than masking the sign of aging skin it can emphasize them.

In particular, we see with feathering around the lips of women of a certain age. This is because there are small wrinkles in this area and if you just slather on any old lipstick the formula can work its way from the lip into these tiny crevices, and out around the mouth.

To combat this always use a waxy lip liner, and brush to contain your product. You can also go for specially formulated items that are designed for older skin.

A huge issue that is on the dark side of makeup is the risk of infection and unsanitary practices. This comes from two actions. One is keeping your makeup on at night, so dirt and debris are held in close contact with the skin, causing infection.

Secondly, it can be caused by using unclean makeup tools and second-hand items. Using makeup that someone else has used is a recipe for disaster because you never know if it could harbour some harmful bacteria or the like, that could cause you problems.

Makeup brushes and sponges which are all the rage at them moment may give you the best application, but if you don’t wash and dry them properly, they can be a hotbed for germs. Something you don’t really want to be applying to your face with any regularity.

To deal with this, get some makeup brush cleaner, and a cleaner tool too. Or use disposals applicators that you can throw away when they become dirty, to stop this happening.