Essential Items For A Year-Round Wardrobe

It’s tough keeping your wardrobe minimalist because you don’t wear half your clothes for six months of the year. Every time you realise you have too many clothes, you end up donating most of your seasonal items only to find you miss them when the appropriate seasons comes around again. If you’re really limited by space, then the best thing you can do to look good all year (and save your wallet) is to invest in clothes that are appropriate for every season. True, you might need some bulkier sweaters in the middle of a harsh winter, but for the most part these items will serve you well.

Short and Long Sleeved Shirts
During the transitional seasons of autumn and summer, short sleeved shirts are perfect as the basis for an effortless summer style, or for wearing under comfortable jumpers if it gets a bit chilly. Long sleeved shirt are obviously more suitable for the colder months, but they’re still useful for a cool summer evening outfit.

Tank Tops
These are your saving grace in the middle of a hot summer; tank tops are usually made of light cotton, and they leave most of your body bare so you don’t overheat when you’re out and about.

No matter what time of year it is, jeans look good in semi-casual or casual events, and during warm and cold weather. It’s best to have at least two pairs so that they don’t wear out so quickly, and so you have a spare if one is in the wash.

Not only do they keep you warm in winter, but during the summer, scarves can protect against overly cool breezes, or heavy air conditioning in restaurants. Additionally, scarves with bold and colorful patterns like the ones seen on Inspired By Elle make a dramatic addition to any outfit at any time of year. Wrap a lightweight scarf around your neck to dress up jeans and a tee, and to stay warm during a draft, or wear one as a shawl with your favorite dress. Scarves also make great belts to add a pop of color to your outfit.

When the warm weather starts to fade, lightweight sweaters can provide some protection from the cooling temperature, and they can be layered up with long sleeved shirts to form a super winter outfit.

Black Dress
You can never go wrong with a little black dress, which is why it must have a permanent place in your wardrobe. With the right shoes and jacket, your black dress can take you from an important job interview, to a casual night out with friends.

If you’re dressing to impress at a job interview, or you just want to look slightly less casual at an event, a blazer instantly dresses up an outfit to make it look smarter. However, if you don’t ever have an occasion to wear a blazer, you should still have a seasonal jacket in your wardrobe – leather usually works best.

  • GabrielVB

    Even if they’re not comfortable, talkinb about the jeans , some people wear them like a second skin, jeans are versatile.

  • Lidia Barrantes

    I used to hate on scarves but I wear one with my peacoat now, just because it’s so hard to pull off if you’re not wearing a turtleneck or a high-collared shirt under said peacoat.