Attending a Summer Wedding? Here’s How to Prepare

Now that summer is here, love is in the air and you may have one or two weddings lined up to go to. Though attending a wedding is obviously nowhere near as stressful as planning one, there is still plenty to think about including what you will buy for the couple and what to wear. And with it being such a big day for the bride and groom, anything you can do to be the perfect wedding guest will certainly be appreciated.

Reply to the Invitation
Most wedding invitations get sent out six to eight weeks in advance, so don’t be the kind of person who lets it get buried under a pile of papers and then responds at the last minute! Any prolonged delays can add to the couple’s stress as they need to arrange a lot of logistical details depending on how many people will be in attendance. Double check how you have been asked to respond. While some couples are still asking for a written response, a lot of this is now being shifted online.

Select a Gift
After you have accepted the invite, the time has come to start shopping for a wedding gift. Some couples have already pre-registered for the presents they would like to receive while others specifically ask for money. If they have not specified anything, you have a bit more room to be creative. Putting a bit of thought into your gift will really be appreciated, so look for something personal to them or else something you know will come in useful.

Get Ready
What you wear really depends on how formal the occasion is and whether it will be held indoors or outdoors. A pretty floral dress would be perfect for a summer garden party. If it is an evening event, you may be asked to wear a more formal cocktail dress. Your hair is a big part of your overall look, so check out That’s Foxy for advice on advice on curling irons. Obviously, you want to avoid anything that is white or even that resembles white as you definitely do not want to upstage the bride!

At the Ceremony
A wedding is certainly not the party you turn up fashionably late for, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time. When it comes to choosing where to sit, it all depends on how involved you are in the wedding. Obviously, family members and bridesmaids tend to be furthest forward, but just try to settle in your seat as soon as you can.

The Reception
The reception is your opportunity to see the bride and groom directly, thank them for inviting you and congratulate them on their big day. Avoid staying to chat with them for too long as they have so many other people to speak to and other commitments as well. Try to mingle with as many other people as possible and don’t just stick with the person you have come with. Don’t leave too early unless you have a very good reason for doing so!