All Things Asymmetrical

“Even though you’re growing up, you should never stop having fun” – Nina Dobrev

Yesstyle Panel Cutout Shoulder Short-Sleeve Dress (Sold out), ELA Editor’s Metallic Stud Pouch, Aldo Onadda yellow tinted sunglasses (Buy here), Winners jacquard slipper (Similar ones here & here)

Hands down my favourite trend of this summer is asymmetry. I love the idea of taking a classic button down top and turning it into something right out of an avant-garde painting. Not to mention, the mixing of patterns, prints, cuttings and materials is such a perfect representation of my odd personality. Though I rarely reach for a button-down anymore, I don’t mind one with some uneven cutouts. On another note, I’ve completely lost track of how many pairs of tinted sunglasses I’d purchase in the last month. I hope it never dies down.