Surprise Gifts For Grooms

Your wedding day might be about you and your partner saying your vows, but you have to admit- weddings are generally very focused around the bride. Think about it, you’ve probably heard ‘here comes the bride’ a hundred times at weddings- but never, here comes the groom! Chances are your dress, shoes and accessories cost a lot more than your partners, and all of the flowers, stationery and finishing details were probably chosen by you. For this reason, it can be nice to do something special for the groom on the morning of your wedding and send over a little gift. If he’s getting ready at home, you could stash it before you leave and then send a text on the morning to get ready. Otherwise, pass it to one of his friends in advance and ask them to give it to him on the day. It’s a little something that shows your appreciation, and also that you’re thinking of them in anticipation of the main event! Here are some ideas for surprise gifts you could send to your groom-to-be.

A Piece of Jewellery
While of course, you will be exchanging wedding rings on the big day, another piece of jewelry is a good choice. It will stand the test of time and last over the years and is something sentimental to be worn and treasured. It could be a chain from somewhere like here, it could be a bracelet with an inscription on it. If they have a pierced ear, a gold or diamond stud would work well.

Sometimes grooms wear special cufflinks from family members such as either of your dad or grandad for sentimental purposes. Or maybe he’s picked out a pair he loves in advance of the big day. If that’s the case, this won’t be an option. But if you know he’s wearing a pair of no special importance, cufflinks could make a great surprise gift. As with jewelry it’s something that can be kept and treasured, and in the future could even be something you pass down to your children and grandchildren on their wedding day.

A Fragrance
Scents are closely linked to memories, making a fragrance a fantastic choice of gift, Something that they wear on this day will bring back memories for years to come, which is definitely what you want with a day as special as your wedding! You could spend some time at a fragrance counter picking out something that’s just right and that you know he will love. If he wears it over your honeymoon too, it’s a scent that will always remind you of this special time in your lives.

A Hamper
Instead of one gift, how about a couple of little things put together as a hamper? If you send it the night before it could be some pampering products. It could be a mini bottle of alcohol with an engraved glass or hip flask for a bit of Dutch courage to calm his nerves! It could just be a few silly or novelty items to make him smile and relax ready for the ceremony.

Tickets To an Event
With all of the chaos of wedding planning, chances are neither of you have thought any further than the honeymoon. But as a married couple, this is essentially the start of your lives! So how about booking some tickets for once you’re back to an event both of you will love. It could be anything from a concert to a wine tasting experience to a ride in a hot air balloon. The perfect start to married life. Alternatively, you could have a think about things he would really want to do and go for that instead. A supercar experience rides on a steam train, and sporting tickets are all things to consider based on his interests.

A Thoughtful Letter or Card
If you’re on a budget or don’t want to send something material, how about a beautiful handwritten letter or card? This is a really special thing that could be kept and treasured and is a nice reminder about how you were feeling at this time. You could talk about your feelings towards him, hopes and dreams for the future and how much he means to you. Even if you’re not a particularly soppy person if you can’t say these things on your wedding day then when can you?!

What gift ideas do you think would work well to surprise a groom on the morning of the wedding?