Soft, Smooth Skin For All Seasons

Touchable, strokable skin makes us feel beautiful. It feels good to the person doing the touching too! Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to keep your skin in such smooth condition. Changes in the weather can wreak havoc on your skin all over your body. You need a skin care routine for all seasons that keeps you feeling fingertip fresh, and sensationally smooth all year round:

From The Inside
Start by addressing what is happening to your skin at the cellular level. Skin cells, like every cell of the body, need to have a good circulation, plenty of hydration, and nutrition to be healthy. Fruits, nuts, and lemon water are thought to be very good for keeping skin in tip top shape. Have a look at to see which ones might help you. To boost the circulation to your skin, try to exercise every day. This will raise your heart rate and give the whole body a good boost of oxygen.

Skin cells don’t slough off so well when the skin is covered in clothing or cosmetic products. To make sure the old, dead cells are removed, use a gentle exfoliator all over your face and body. This gentle buffing will also help boost the circulation to your skin, and energize the fresher, newer cells underneath. Exfoliating should smooth the surface, making it safer for shaving. It also offers a better surface for applying self-tan and makeup.

Hair Removal
There are plenty of approaches to this task. Websites like recommend shaving as a cost-effective way of staying smooth every day. You might prefer waxing as it lasts longer. Of course, the hairs that are missed will still need to be shaved or plucked. Epilators pluck many hairs simultaneously but can pull the skin up, leaving it prone to ingrown hairs later. Laser treatments usually need you to shave for several months while the course completes.

Keeping your skin clean isn’t as easy as you think. The additives in domestic water supplies can sometimes cause dryness. And washing your skin too much can strip it of the natural oils that keep it soft and healthy. Many women recommend lukewarm water for the parts of your body you wash the most, like your hands. Cleansing lotions can be best applied with a cotton pad to your face to avoid bacteria from fingertips getting on the skin. Products like Micellar water can be ideal here.

One of the most important parts of your skin care routine is moisturizing. Heavier creams are often used at night to protect the skin while we sleep and nourish it as we dream. Lighter creams can also act as a barrier when we’re out and about in the daytime. They can make good bases for your cosmetics too. Body moisturizers are usually much thicker than face moisturizing creams. You might choose butters for very dry legs or arms. Spray moisturizers in an oil base have become very popular ways of applying long-lasting moisture because they feel so light.

Always apply SPF protection to your lips and face each day. If you’re out in the sun, give your body the same treatment too. Stay safe.