Planning A Bridal Makeover?

The love of your life has just proposed. Without a doubt they adore you! You are, in every way, absolutely perfect to them. So why is it so many brides spend the next few months planning a bridal makeover? At the end of the day, the wedding photos will last a lifetime. They capture that moment of perfection from the happiest day of our lives. No wonder we want to look incredible! So what are you planning for your transformation into the ultimate bride?

Amazing Hair
A pair of straighteners and quick wash simply doesn’t cut it for your wedding day. Bridal hair can be as intricately detailed and designed as you like. Many brides book a slot with their local salon for a bridal hair appointment. You might choose to have a practice run first as there is a lot of work involved in styling those incredible up-dos! Feminine curls that cascade to frame the face are still very popular.

What about braids and plaits? These take a lot of work and fine fingers to make them perfectly even. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to manage them on your own. Like an architect, you’re building a structure to the hair that may be incredibly ornate. Have a look at some of the styles at websites like To make sure your hair is ready for all that work, you might go for a hair makeover before your big day. A fresh cut and good quality color could be ideal to get the effect you’re after.

Incredible Smile
Accidents happen, and sometimes it’s your teeth that suffer. Have your teeth taken a knock? Whether you like smiling or not, you’re going to be beaming on your big day. Self-conscious brides might book themselves in for a dental makeover. Missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants that provide a permanent tooth in just a few treatments. You can find out what it involves on websites like

When you’re wearing white, you need to make sure your teeth match the shade! Whitening toothpaste can be very good, but you might go for something that ensures a safe and effective brightness. Whitening treatments from your dentist are bespoke for your needs so you can enjoy the smile you’ve always wanted.

Beautiful Dress
Many wedding dresses are corseted. This means you can create that amazing hourglass figure without having to spend time at the gym. Of course, we’re all different body shapes, and we all have different tastes in dresses. If you know you’re gorgeous enough but want to enjoy a more toned appearance, then there are plenty of ways to get the look. Start with the dress.

Dresses are often collar and sleeveless these days. If you’re not comfortable with that much bare flesh, look for designers that specialize in the classic look of long sleeves. There are different collar types to choose from too. A plunge looks amazing, but you might prefer something elegantly rounded. What about the skirt length? If you’re happy with a train, then consider one that detaches for your First Dance. Toning doesn’t need a heavy workout regime. Simple stretches each day can achieve a lot more than you think.

Gorgeous Skin
Most women suffer a few skin complaints over the years. No bride wants a breakout on their wedding day! To reduce the risk of upset skin, start your upgraded skincare routine now. A careful, gentle cleansing action that cools the skin is best. Follow it up with a toner that refreshes you. Keep delicate eye skin hydrated with a dedicated eye cream. Finally, use a moisturizer that also offers UV filters.

Skin needs good nutrition to look and feel its best. Adjust your diet now to include all the fresh produce that can provide those essential vitamins and minerals. Try to cleanse your pores a couple of times each week. You might try a steam treatment like a sauna, or working up a sweat with a great workout. Don’t forget to keep skin hydrated, so it doesn’t dry out or look lacklustre.

Body Shape Blues
There is absolutely no need to feel down about your body shape. As mentioned above, picking the right dress can help enhance your natural gorgeousness. But if you are looking to slim down before the big day, you’re not alone. Lots of brides like to make sure they’re in peak physical condition on their wedding day. You can try a couple of home workouts or even a boot camp class. The most important thing to remember is that your partner loves you no matter what!

Of course, a lack of confidence can be a big part of the problem. You might even look to options such as surgical enhancements. Don’t forget the cost that could be involved here. Your wedding is going to take a lot of your financial resources so be careful not to get into debt. Enhancements, sculpting, and enlargements are all ways to alter the body shape you have. Make sure you’re fully aware of the treatment requirements and downtime.

Many brides apply their own makeup. Of course, if you’re planning a bridal makeover, you might be looking for a permanent or semi-permanent makeup solution. This provides color and shaping that will stay on for a longer period of time. It might get you through your honeymoon, or you could use it for your pre-wedding photos.

If you’re not planning on permanent makeup solutions, try out your bridal look a few times before the big day. Always take a photo. You may need heavier makeup so that it shows up well on the pictures. Nails, hair, and lashes can be extended or enhanced with a few additions. If you’re not used to applying these things, why not book a salon appointment for bridal makeup? You could make the most of the day and enjoy a whole bridal spa package!

Perhaps you’re looking for one or two tips to enhance your look? Or you feel the need for a bigger change? Your wedding is going to be the most amazing day of your life. You’ll look absolutely incredible, no matter what.