Making The Most Of Your Staycation!

So, this year you’re taking a staycation instead of going on vacation. You might have fears that it just won’t be as good as some of the vacations you’ve taken in the past. Don’t fret! Just because you’re not traveling thousands of miles across the world doesn’t mean you can’t have the most wonderful time. Whether you’re staying right where you are or just going a few towns over, you can make the most of your trip just like you would a real vacation. Here are some ideas you can use to make the most of your staycation. Enjoy!

Find Places Nearby You Didn’t Know Existed
Staying in your hometown can be a little boring if you think you know the place like the back of your hand, so make an effort to find some nearby places you didn’t know existed and go visit them. There has to be some hidden treasures that you don’t know about. You can use sites like Instagram to hashtag your hometown and see what you find! Maybe you’ll find a work of art, a peaceful body of water, or a hiking trail.

Plan Something Special Every Day
This doesn’t have to be something spectacular. Why not ask a friend out for a relaxing lunch, or go to a new coffee shop in town? Plan at least one small, special thing to look forward to each day. You could visit some of the local museums, go to a show, go to the movies – the list is endless. Don’t be afraid to do these things alone either.

Avoid Tackling Your To Do List
Maybe you have a list of things you’ve been meaning to do around the house. A staycation is a time for you to relax, so tackling your to do list probably isn’t the most exciting way to spend your time!

Find The Best Way To Travel
You’re not traveling to another country, but that doesn’t mean you’re not traveling at all. If you do plan on going to a new town or state, find the best way to travel. Will you rent a car? Maybe you’ll go for the luxury option and have somebody drive you. A company like could be a good idea if you’re traveling with friends and family. Most people don’t consider traveling by bus, but it’s so cost effective and you still get great amenities.

Ban Your Emails
You probably wouldn’t want to look at your emails on a real vacation, so don’t look at them on a staycation either. In fact, you should ban them. Delete the app from your phone. Avoid saying you’ll just check for a minute, as you can easily get stuck on there and it will take you out of ‘holiday mode’. Be strict about this. You want to disconnect from work and relax. Set up an email that automatically replies to people who email you to tell them you are on vacation. Have somebody take messages for you if needs be. Make sure colleagues know that you don’t want to talk about work!

Consider A Splurge
As you’re not spending a fortune on flights and other luxuries associated with a vacation, consider a splurge elsewhere. Maybe you could order dinner every night, just like you would on vacation. Where/what will you eat tonight when you have so much choice? Perhaps you could even check into a luxury hotel or spa in the area. This will definitely get your staycation off to a brilliant start and make you feel nice and relaxed.

Go To The Beach Or Pool
There isn’t much that makes you feel like you’re on vacation more than the beach or the pool. Take a look to see the nearest in your area and head over. Spending some time here will make you feel like you’re in holiday mode right away!

Host A Film Festival
Maybe you could invite friends/family over for your staycation. Have films, snacks, drinks, everything! You could even do this alone and rent a movie for every night of the week.

Limit Your Internet Usage
Don’t just ban your emails. Avoid Facebook, avoid Twitter – limit your internet usage as much as possible. You don’t want your head stuck in a screen for your staycation. It’s all too easy to flip between the same few apps for hours on end, not realizing that you’re wasting time. Instead, get out there. Go for a walk, go site seeing. Take pictures (don’t spend too long uploading them to Instagram either).

Read A Whole Book
Make it your aim to have read a whole book by the end of your staycation. Use the time you would have spent online doing this instead, and you will almost certainly finish it in time! Pick one you’ve been meaning to read for a while. If you’re unsure what to go for, check out Goodreads for some indepth reviews. You’ll definitely feel more accomplished if you can say you finished an entire book!

Go Somewhere Brand New
Think of somewhere you’ve never been in your area or nearby. Avoid your local haunts and go places you’ve never been before instead. Maybe visit a restaurant you’ve never been to, a market, or somewhere else. Try not to make any judgements before you get there. You won’t know how you feel until you arrive!

Turn Your Garden Into A Relaxing Paradise
If you’re staying right at home on your staycation, why not turn your garden into a relaxing paradise? You don’t need to hire a landscaper to do this. You could simply take some of the money you’ve saved from not going on vacation and invest in a hammock! Imagine spending the duration of your staycation reading your book while you kickback in your hammock with a cool beverage. You’ll almost forget you’re in the same country!

Hopefully you love these tips and you’re feeling excited for your staycation. If you have any of your own tips you’d like to share, leave a comment below.