The Wedding Money Saver

Weddings these days cost an absolute fortune. Especially if you want the whole thing, party, ceremony, food, etc the list goes on and on. As such it can be a good idea to try and save money wherever possible. This is easy on some fronts but not on others. How do you decide where to make the cuts and where to spend the cash? Different people have mixed priorities, so it can be quite hard to find the right course of action for you and agree with your partner or other important people in the wedding who may be funding part of it, usually parents and the like. Here are some money saving ideas for you. You may have already used them, or considered them, but read on because you could find something great that could really help you out. Good luck with your wedding!

In the first instance you can save money on the little things, so that you can spend it on the wedding itself. An example of this can be seen with invitations. They can cost a fortune if you get them professionally printed and inscribed. As such, you can do them yourself. There are some great platforms for you to create them on so they look professional, Adobe Spark is a good place to start. You could consider personalising them yourself and making them, especially if you have a skill with the crafts. These can be better than anything else because it shows you have taken the time to do them. The personal touch always wins out and saves you money too. You just need to be sure you have the time to invest.

In terms of the dress, it may not be something you want to save money on and that is fair enough. But in this day and age you no longer need to go down the designer route. Instead you can go to the high street stores which essentially no have wedding sections, with cheaper dresses that look just as good enabling you to save hundreds. Again, you need to assign your priorities here and choose what you want to save on but this is a good bet for a bit extra.

Look at the time you want to get married. The general time is in the Spring and Summer. If you made a concession you could beat the premium prices. You can still make the most of the early sun if you get married right at the start of the season. The same applies on the day. Saturday is the most expensive so consider a Sunday or a Friday instead it makes all the difference.

There are other tips and tricks too. Use bigger tables so you pay less for tablecloths and centerpieces. This really makes a big difference. The same can be said of flowers, buy the ones that are in season, there are more available. Use greenery to save on flower costs to as it looks just as good. Do your research and cut down on those which are expensive.