How To Help The Groom Prepare For Your Wedding Day

Let’s be honest. Despite the months of hard work and stress you put into the wedding, it’s not just your big day. Your groom-to-be may not have quite so many errands and tasks to organize as you, but this is his wedding day too. It is undoubtedly just as important to him as it is to you. Of course, with you being so busy, he may not want to burden you with questions or ask your advice about the things he needs to do for the event. Can you help him prepare?

Stag Do
This is ultimately his big party with his mates. It’s not considered good form to make requests or ban him from certain activities or ‘traditions’. Of course, he is about to marry you. He knows you, and he knows what you think about all those typical stag do things. There is no way he wants to let you down or upset you. Have faith he’ll have a great time without doing anything too daft! Support him by assuring him you hope he enjoys himself.

Brides often have a lot to say about the color scheme or theme of the wedding. Come to your decision after you’ve talked it over with your beloved. He might be keen to have some input here as he too will be dressing up. You can stick to the tradition of keeping the dress out of sight until the ceremony – the dress is definitely your thing! But don’t be afraid to go shopping with him for his outfit, especially if he’s seeking your approval.

You may already have shopped for your engagement ring together. The big reveal of a surprise proposal doesn’t happen nearly as often as you think! However, when it comes to the wedding rings, you might want a matching set. Maybe he’s looking for something in particular? takes the headache out of finding tungsten wedding bands for men, and it could help him find a design he loves. Shop together, and you’ll soon have another thing ticked off your to-do list.

Catering and Cake
These choices are definitely the ones to work on as a team! Chances are your husband-to-be has some really great ideas for a wedding menu. He might be quite partial to chocolate cake for the wedding too! Do you know if he wants to save some money here? Always plan for taster sessions together. The last thing you want is to start your marriage wishing you’d enjoyed your first meal as a married couple. Even if you’re both really busy, you should be able to prioritize your time for these joint decisions.

The Vows
Even though you might want what he has to say to you to be a surprise, you should support him in writing them down. Not all of us are confident enough to write the most important words of our lives. Spend some time together, and assure him that you’ll find it tough too. You could both listen to songs together or check out some romantic sonnets. The internet offers a wealth of ideas too. Most importantly, listen to each other – you are each the muse for the other! Enjoy your beautiful day.