Banish Wedding Boredom

Tying the knot is meant to be a happy occasion. It’s a big celebration of a couple’s love for one another, and of the support that they are getting from their friends and family. That means they should above all else be fun events. But how can you make sure your wedding is super fun and not boring? Well, read on to find out.

Cut Down on the Waiting Time
One sure fire way to make your wedding boring for your guests is to have a lot of waiting time when the are stuck doing not much of anything. It might go by in a flash for you as you are off busy greeting people and getting your photos.

Some couple chooses to fill this time with drink and snacks. At summer, outdoor weddings you can serve a Pimms style drink and canapes. Or you can go for a more traditional cocktail hour with hot snacks inside.

Others provide games and other entertainments for their guest to partake in. This is an excellent way of not letting the boredom creep in and stopping the party atmosphere fizzling out before things have really started to get going.

Try thing like a fun photo booth and props like the one available from Booth Boy, lawn croquet, giant chess, or even a wedding themed quiz to liven things up and keep people interested.

Use Usual Transport
Another way to stop your guests getting bored it to provide them a lot of variety during the day. A major way that you can do this is to use some unusual transport either for your own entrance or to get them from the ceremony to the reception.

Popular choices include vintage buses, a horse-drawn carriage, and even fire trucks or police cars for those of you with family members in the services.

Ditch Boring Grub
The next thing you can do to keep everyone entertained throughout the day is to ditch the boring food options. Yes everyone like chicken, but that is because it’s pretty much the dullest item you can put on the menu!

Instead, go for something unexpected that will impress your guests and get them talking. English style fish and chips is a great one. Or what about instead of a formal sit-down meal, individual picnic rugs and baskets filled with delicious treats?

Make Sure the Tunes are Banging!
Now, most folks find it hard to be bored when it come to the disco segment of the evening. As everyone like to get up and have a bit of dance at weddings. But to ensure as many people are on their feet as possible, consider your music options carefully.

A band might be a good bet as you can creative a festival type atmosphere. Or you can include song request cards in your invitations, so everyone’s favourite will be played, and they will be guaranteed to get up off of their seats!