Top Tips for the Perfect Trip to Mexico

While Mexico is getting something of a bad press from certain sections of the media, there’s no denying it is an incredible pace for a vacation. It’s a beautiful country that is full of friendly people, and contrary to populist belief, it is also relatively safe.

Sure, there are some hotspots of crime that you need to avoid, but ask anyone who has been to Mexico, and you will struggle to find anyone that hasn’t fallen in love with the place. With this in mind, I thought I would reveal some great tips for making the most out of your next trip to Mexico – so read on to find out more.

Bring your Hiking Boots
If you want to get the most out of Mexico, bring your walking shoes. Getting out and about is a must, whether you want to check out the ancient ruins at Chichen Itza or explore the incredible array of rainforests and deserts. Don’t forget your flippers, either – all along the vast coastline you will find amazing spots to dive, swim, fish and enjoy water sports. Mexico almost demands that you are adventurous, and you are missing out if you don’t’ get out there and experience it up close.

Prepare to Plan
Heading to Mexico City? If so, make sure you plan your trip ahead, as it’s the second biggest city in the world with an enormous population. It’s a great place for urban adventures, however, and jam-packed with incredible cultural highlights. Take one of the many cheap flights to Mexico City, and you will find an amazing array of activities, from excellent archaeological sites to buzzing nightclubs. There really is something for everyone, but make sure you create an itinerary, or you will suffer from many distractions!

Be Hungry
Every nation thinks they can do their version of Mexican food. But, as everyone that has visited this incredible country will attest, they can’t. Mexican cuisine is nothing short of superb, whether you are eating at one of the best beachfront restaurants or enjoying a quick street food snack in the bustling heart of a major city. However, go easy on the chilis – they can have an impact on your trip away if you don’t have the stomach for them.

Habla Espanol
The Mexican people are, on the whole, an incredibly friendly bunch. But if you can even attempt to drop a few words of Spanish, they will appreciate you even more. It’s also worth pointing out that the further away you go from the tourist areas, the fewer English speakers you will come across. So, bring your phrasebook, brush up on your Spanish, and you will have a better trip.

Visit the Beaches
As I mentioned above, Mexico’s coastlines are vast – and contain some of the best beaches in the region. There’s something for everyone. Puerto Vallarta is a perfect location for more mature and sophisticated crowds, while Cozumel is a little more exciting and adventurous. Both are, however, incredibly beautiful – and come thoroughly recommended. Let me know your thoughts on Mexico in the comments!