The 3 Decisions That Reflect Your Wedding Style

On the lead up to the wedding, you can be inundated with how much information you need to take in about everything. For those who aren’t used to planning and spend their lives winging it, it’s time to knuckle down – there are some things that you need to get sorted for their subjectivity and relevance to your personal interests rather than trusting it’ll all be fine.

The Photographs
Photography is an art, and all artists have different styles. Sure, you may find a photographer that can take good photos – but is it good that you are aiming for or great? Have a good look around online, as most professionals will have a portfolio available on their website for you to take a peek at. You can often get packages which help with the buildup to your special day, such as a bundle which includes an engagement/pre-wedding shoot so that the photographer can get a feel for what you want and you can assess their style of shooting and editing before the main event. Some photographers prefer to shoot from the background without anybody realising they’re there for a more natural shot, whereas others may like to get in the faces of your guests and make them pose for photos. It’s up to you what you go for and what you want at your wedding. Make sure that you’re comfortable with your choice.

The Flowers
Sometimes it’s not even the big-name florists that get it right. There are many up and coming art florists, mainly who can be found via social media platforms such as Instagram. They may not be working out of a set shop but instead prefer to do things on a smaller scale and cater for weddings one by one out of their own home. If it’s one of these that you want to provide your bouquets, you’ll need to get in fast; the trend of the freelance florist is growing and they’re being snapped up by the second, with some being booked years in advance.

The Dress
The most personal thing that you can have with you on your wedding day, surely. This is a true reflection of your sense of style, and you want to make sure that it conforms to everything that you love and want from a dress. The quicker you can get decided on the dress of your dreams, the more time you will have for any alterations leading up to the big day. It also gives you plenty of time to change your mind if you’re not feeling 100% certain about the outfit that you’ve picked. Take a close friend or family member with you to the fitting and let them assess your reaction when you come out wearing the dress. You may want to get your dress custom made or purchase it from the internet having not seen it before, and these options are fine too – but the more time you have to get things sorted if it doesn’t fit or the dressmaker’s on holiday, the better.