Stunning And Timeless Fashion For Every Modern Girl

Timeless styles have a beautiful ability to bring a touch of class from a bygone era to a modern look. They’re timeless because they’re simple, elegant, and perfect. Nothing has to be added or taken away, and they’re easy to wear, making it straightforward to look jawdroppingly excellent. We wear timeless styles every day without realizing it, but when you embrace the look purposefully, you’ve got the power of Audrey Hepburn running through your look.

That’s a Wrap
The wrap dress, first brought to the catwalk in the early 1970s, has never left it. It’s easy to wear, thoroughly classy, and flattering for a variety of body types by hugging curve, accentuating the wearer’s best features, and skimming over unwanted lumps and bumps. Depending on the fabric it can be casual or formal, and there’s one thing for certain – it’s a look that’s here to stay.

Enjoy the Rich Fabrics of the Past
One interesting way to bring modern styles together with stunning vintage looks is by embracing items which are beautifully historical – using traditional rich, exquisite fabrics of far-flung empires, but pairing them with more modern styles. Take, for example, Angrakha style shirts, which were worn by men on the Indian subcontinent, but now, when worn with tights and elegant stilettos, are both modern and classic, unique, and thoroughly stunning.

Don’t turn your Back on Jeans
Embracing timeless styles isn’t just about being elegant and classy – it can also make a look edgy, punky, or just outright interesting. Take, for example, the current trend of “mom jeans.” The baggy, faded Levis were hot in the eighties, and they’ve come full circle. They pair amazingly with faded band tees, cropped tops, or even velvet boots. Their versatility and modesty make them the perfect partner for almost anything.

Fall back in Love with the Pump
Manolo Blahniks never go out of style, that’s for sure. But why? Well, because they’re beautiful, simple, classic, and elegant. Their look is timeless. Back in the day, it was all about simple, black pumps, but now it’s all about the color and the bling. But one thing’s for sure – pumps are here to stay.

Let your Accessories do the Talking
There’s nothing that says timeless like a stunning single-string pearl necklace, an elegant gold bracelet, or diamond earrings. Even with the most modern clothing style, if you accessorize with timeless classics you’re onto a winner. They go with anything, and add a touch of old-fashioned style to a modern look. Don’t forget to consider your handbag too. While most of us can’t afford a Birkin bag, it’s clear to see how that classic style makes heads turn (or at least, the heads of anyone who gets it). Adding classic handbag styles to a smart look brings a point of interest and individuality to a sedate, classy look, without overdoing it.

Style is all about experimenting, taking risks, and having a bit of fun. When you add classic, timeless pieces to your collection, whether they’re beautiful wrap dresses from the 70s or rich fabrics from the British Empire, you’re guaranteed to turn heads and make a splash.